Network Marketing

The Network Marketing Candidates

Where do you find them? How do you interest them? Maintaining a constant source (or sources) of people to talk to about your opportunity is the weak link in most Network Marketing leaders business plan. Finding a constant flow of candidates is the Holy Grail of business builders. If you can keep them coming to look, you will find some that are ready to play. The key is to have enough coming to look. So how do you keep them coming?

Failure Is Your Option

You may have heard or experienced that most people "fail" in Network MarketingFail is not the best word to describe what happens. Most people who hear "fail" interpret that the participant lost money, hated the experience, would never try it again, or blames the system or the company for their failure. Sometimes, failure is a valuable part of our education. It is not necessarily a bad thing. But it is most certainly, in Network Marketing, a choice thing.

Service with a Yawn

It had me thinking about us, Network Marketers and the experience we leave. LITTLE things that make a BIG impression. The little things can be the difference between a YES and a NO. Are you the one who goes above and beyond to provide outstanding serviceImagine how your results might change if you became committed to the 5 Star experience for all … every time.

The Art of Leapfrogging

Leapfrogging is a form of presentation whereby your enrollment candidate is motivated to join your opportunity, not based on what they know about your program or their belief in themselves, but rather based on who they know by occupationYou will want to match the occupations you ask about with both your product line and the successful distributors in your company so you can share their success stories

The Lighthouse Campaign

Are you a laser of light that stands for your opportunity? I am constantly struck hard with how often even those who could be (and should be) the best evangelists of our industry are outsold by the skepticsYou have probably heard the quote“When two people come into a conversation, one always buys and one always sells.” 

Make Every Stroke Count

Some of the actions we do (or don’t do) are cheating people out of having the best experience possible. How can you start making every stroke count … and get every person involved feeling like they just got a 5-star massage? Check out my video and find out!

The Three Phases of Success

One simple way to look at our individual success in Network Marketing is to evaluate our success in the following three basic areas. They are the essence of being in the business. Successfully completing each phase defines our professionalism and success in the business.

Lessons From a Pair of Sunglasses

I had just hung up from a group coaching call around “building your business as you live your life.” I told the group I was going to demonstrate how to do this by filming some interactions I would encounter during my day. I quickly became one of those people. A phone zombie. Texting and walking. Oblivious to everything around me. 

Leader Loyalty: The Glue That Binds

How do you create a Residual Royalty Income (RRI) you can count on over the long haul? In my experience, it comes down to developing leaders; then earning and keeping their loyalty. Regardless of your particular company's compensation plan, building an RRI can be converted to a quantity of leaders in your organization. Instead of focusing on how much money you will earn, convert that income to how many leaders you need to achieve it. Creating and managing a plan to develop leaders is much easier than a plan to generate volume and/or income. 

Aha Moments from “The World’s Laziest Networker”

What happened when “The World’s Laziest Networker” visited my home in Lanai, Hawaii, for a few days? Watch my in-depth (and often times colorful) interview with Mark Januszewski and hear his incredible story from the very beginning. You’ll learn a lot, laugh a lot, and discover how to work smarter, not harder. 

Super MLM Heroes

"I am a Woman in MLM""I am a Man in MLM"

Super! What are you going to do about it? What do you want to do about it? Do you want to earn a little bit of extra income? ... Not much to do there. Do you want to build a team and pursue financial freedom?

Square Pegs in Round Holes

Anyone can transform into anythingThe beauty of Network Marketing is you get to grow into your very best self. While you may be terrible at speaking, inviting, following up, or building a team as you get started, once engaged in these skills, the learning curve can be quite fast.

Richard Brooke Asks Richard Branson at Go Pro 2016

I recently had the opportunity to ask Sir Richard Branson about trust and Network Marketing in front of 20,000 Network Marketing Professionals at the 2016 Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We are grateful for YOU

Amazing family, friends, business partners and colleagues ... can you imagine your life without them? Can you imagine the void created by losing even one of them? Imagine life without family ... without friends. If you are in business, imagine the loss of your team. Next to our health, our...

Is Network Marketing Still an Honorable Profession?

Network Marketing may seem like it has come under some intense scrutiny lately. We banded together even more with events like MasterMind, The MLM Cruise, Believe and Go Pro. We vowed to champion each other. 

Dirt In My Ears …

What if you channeled that happy-go-lucky you of yesteryear? How many more people would you talk toHow many calls and presentations would you do messily without a second thought?

Snap … Crackle … Pop!

“If you’re happy with yesterday, you have no tomorrow.” What one thing could you enhance that could put the ball in motion for your entire team and beyond?

10 Tips To Get To “Life Beyond Money”

In a successful Network Marketing career, first comes massive action and development, then comes massive money, and then comes … Life Beyond Money.

How To Turn Intentions Into Wins

Intentions are overrated. The power of intention might get people started, but it is short-lived. We need more than that. We need staying power. We need momentum. We need wins.

The “Pyramid” Test

When I hit the streets as Super MLM Man, I wanted to find out what people really think about Network or Multilevel Marketing (MLM). Can you guess which two words I heard the most? That’s right … PYRAMID SCHEME. 

6 Ways To Change How You Get Paid

Can you guess the biggest motivational challenge people face during their first few years in Network Marketing? You got it – cash flow versus effort ratio.

The Power Of Connection: In 6 Easy Steps

There are lots of ways to connect with people and convert them. I follow my strength and my personal style, which is to connect with people I meet along the way in life. I see endless possibilities.

Jumping Ship … What You Really Leave Behind

My good friend and mentor Tom Schreiter is famous for coaching this: “Every company has problems. Pick the one you want to have your problems with and marry them for life.”

Leadership That Inspires

World history is full of powerful leaders; men and women who changed the direction of societies, business and culture. Nothing is more valuable to our society’s health. Yet today, leadership often feels like a missing link in business, politics, religion, education and even the family.

Listening Through Objections

Listening Through Objections is the Tai Chi approach to supporting people through their fears and frustrations.

The Authentic Inviter

You can join the ranks of the ethical, honorable and authentic by following the philosophies of the authentic inviter. 

Let’s lock arms and build a better future for all of us.

A Quantum Leap Approach

An ontological coach focuses on who you are “being,” both as a long-term trend as well as in the moment. Some people call this “states.” When we are “being” a certain way, we act and attract at a corresponding level.

2016: Excuses Or Excellence ... Your Choice

With the New Year fast approaching, everyone is filled with optimism … the resolution to make this year different. So why do all those resolutions crash and burn? Because they never move past intentions.

How To Create A Customer Culture

I had the gift of being mentored by that niche of leaders in Network Marketing who focused on Personal Development as the edge to build an empire. It saved my life … or at least a life of what would have been 40 years in a chicken factory.

2014 DSA Report: Network Marketing Is Working ... Are We?

This survey represents about 100 companies, large and small, in our profession. There are, in fact, over 700 Network Marketing companies based in the US alone … around 200 of which have chosen to belong to the Direct Selling Association (DSA).

Super MLM Man Does It Again

We did it again! We hit the streets of Las Vegas, of all places, to find out what people know and how they feel about Network Marketing, MLM or even Direct Sales. We are on a mission at Bliss Business to change the way we as Network Marketers promote our opportunities.

Find Out The Key To Becoming A Network Marketing Hero

Every hero starts with a belief that they can do it. This belief is everything – it is the pivotal difference maker in whether or not your own vision of what you want to accomplish gets green lights. If the conversation you have with yourself is that you can do it, it is inevitable then that you WILL do it. It’s worth repeating … belief is everything.

How To Use The Four Year Career® Book

95% of us do not really understand what Network Marketing is or how and why it works. And even if we think we understand it, we cannot explain it correctly. 

I wrote The Four Year Career® to address this very specific challenge.

Bass Pro Shops Adopts A Pyrami

Bass Pro Shops, one of the largest retail chains in the nation, is relying on a pyramid to grow sales! When someone asks if your business is a “Pyramid Scheme” what do you say?

Curiosity Based Prospecting

When you adopt the Curiosity-Based Prospecting approach, you will show up for your prospects as one of the most interesting people they have ever met. Imagine that. Imagine that you show up for your prospects as interesting … if only because you ARE interested … interested enough to put their need to be heard above your own. We don’t close people with this approach – we open them.

Build Like A Pro, Succeed Like A Pro

I’m thrilled to have special guest Adam Green from Young Living writing this week’s blog post. Adam has built his business like a pro and is an inspiration for young adults (and those just young at heart) who have the commitment and drive to succeed. 

The Secret Formula For Success

We make “recruiting” scary by what we make up in our mind … the stories of hard work and horror that paralyze us. Were we that scary of a prospect? Were we looking for a Network Marketing company? Didn’t we have the same “objections” as everyone else … time, money and selling?

The Four Year Career®: Financial Freedom For Life

The traditional 40-year career does not exist anymore. The average person today will change jobs more than seven times in their working career, many of them changing whole careers several times.

The Antilogy Of Your Story

This is a message about enrolling others, about your expectations for them and about how you position the opportunity in their mind and heart. What you have accomplished is ten times more believable than any video or brochure. Create it. Use it.

Networth Marketing

“If ever there was a path available to anyone, from anywhere, in any current career, and any set of circumstances to gain their own financial freedom and independence … Network Marketing is it.” – RB 

An Education You Can Take to the Bank

As luck would have it, early in my career path I was introduced to Network Marketing and embarked on a whole new kind of education. Coincidentally, it wasn’t until halfway through my fourth year that I began to really apply what I was learning and experienced phenomenal results. And the rest, as they say, is history.

In the Top 1%

By following these simple steps below, you can instantly be at the top of your Network Marketing class. If 1,000 people enrolled the same month as you, you can ensure a lock in the top 1% ... actually, in most cases, the top 5/10th of 1%. 50 out of 1,000. And a year from now, by following the last two assignments, you can lock in as 10 out of 1,000 or 1/10th of 1% ... True, rarified air and the income to prove it.