The results are in from the DSA’s Annual Growth & Outlook Report!

This survey represents about 100 companies, large and small, in our profession. There are, in fact, over 700 Network Marketing companies based in the US alone … around 200 of which have chosen to belong to the Direct Selling Association (DSA).

Here’s what the results show: as a profession, we continue to grow.

More people are discovering Network Marketing as a wealth-building and community-building lifestyle choice. 

And … more and more companies are launching and more of them are succeeding. 

The question is … WHY?

Here are 4 reasons I think it’s happening …

      1. Products. We know in our profession that, long term, we live and die by the profound impact our products actually have in our lives. If they really do work, we really will tell people about them. Whether we choose to get paid for those referrals … we are Network Marketing when we tell those stories. You want life changing products? Look within our profession. We cannot afford mediocre. We can buy that anywhere.
      2. Income. Sure, we could work part time somewhere and earn an extra $500-$1,000 a month. But we probably already have a J.O.B.We all want better lives … for ourselves and for our families: better educational opportunities, better lifestyles, and a more secure retirement. The historical options are all wet. We want to connect with other people, have fun, learn new things, travel, earn an income, and build something for the future.
      3. Freedom. We have complicated lives … busy, busy, busy lives. We need flexibility. We want the freedom to say yes today or no today. We want life our way. Network Marketing gives us the choice, and with it, the choice to succeed or not. And we are the types who enjoy that risk. We bank on us. We invest in us. We count on us.
      4. Matter. We want to matter. We want to make a difference … to contribute to others, learn more ourselves, lead, follow, teach, coach, and help. We want to be a part of something far greater than ourselves, and we want to be part of a family … a family who cares about us, has our backs, and invests in our future.

We’ve come a long way in the last 70 years with a beautiful growth record in the last seven. Yet, we still have a lot of soul-searching work to do. If we want to be admired, respected and trusted by the public, we might consider adopting the Bliss Business Philosophies:

      • Honoring and championing our honorable competitors
      •  Being clear with people about what Network Marketing is and what company we represent
      • Transparency through the Curiosity and Listening approach to prospecting for new business
      • Responsible, accurate and legally compliant product and income claims

– Richard –