Can you guess the biggest motivational challenge people face during their first few years in Network Marketing?
You got it – cash flow versus effort ratio.

They work 10-20 hours a week for meager wages. “Where is all the big money I was promised?” they cry. And then they quit.


Because they didn’t take the time to understand the inner workings and mathematics of the business model.

They saved up everything they had, went through the horrible process of getting a mortgage, bought a rental house, and declared, “Where is my real estate wealth?

Here’s the epiphany: When you change your motivation and give ACTUAL VALUE to each activity you do, you WILL change how you get paid.


1. A $10,000 a month Asset Income from your Network Marketing business carries a net worth value of at least $2,000,000.  

You would have to have $2,000,000 in real estate rental EQUITY to earn $10,000 in net rent a month, or $2,000,000 in liquid dividend paying assets to earn that in passive income.

IF you build your Network Marketing business in a company that has proven it will pay you, proven that it is here for the long haul, and proven that its products will be in demand long term, then your $10,000 a month in Asset Income is worth $2,000,000. Period.

2. If you personally sponsor 100 Business Builders in 24 months, you will set in motion a dynamic of leadership, momentum, duplication and geometric growth that will result in an Asset Income of at least $10,000 a month. 

Ask any number of successful Network Marketing leaders about this equation, and they’ll likely tell you the income is TWICE that amount.

It will take a few more years to develop, perhaps a total of 4-5, and you’ll have to work it intensely for all those years, motivating, training, supporting, and replacing people as they fall away. It’s worth it.

3. Doing three presentations a week is how you personally sponsor 100 people in 24 months.

Three lunches. Three coffees. Three dinners. Three webinars or any combination of the above. The first week you do three presentations, you may not be phenomenal at it, maybe not even by the second or third week.

But, after doing 10-15 presentations on your income opportunity, you will be MORE fluid, confident and effective at enrolling people than 95% of the people in your company. Why? Because 95% of people never do 15 presentations.

Your enrollment ratio after just a few weeks will be one out of three, or better. And we’re not talking about wholesale customers. We’re talking about one new person a week who joins you with the full intention of building a business just like you are. One a week.

4. To get three people to present to, invite 14.

Just ask them to look. Don’t ask them to use your product or join your deal. Just find out WHY they might want to … what are their pain or gain issues, and then ask them to look.

“Need to send your kid to college but can’t really afford it? I know exactly how you can get that done, Mary. Would that interest you enough just to take a quick look?”

14 times a week. Two a day or 14 on Saturday morning.

The first few weeks you do this, you may not get three to actually take a look. You will be practicing, learning and getting comfortable. By week four, you will be inviting people as fluidly as you do everything else in life, like getting up, eating breakfast or driving to work.

You will be a natural, curious Networker, and you will easily engage people while learning what is going on in their lives. And then, you will ask them if they are interested in seeing a possible solution … easy peasy.

5. Know the numbers.

A $10,000 a month Asset Income is worth $2,000,000.

14 invites a week is 728 a year and 1,456 over two years.

1,456 invites equals 300 presentations equals 100 personally sponsored business builders in the next 24 months (think compression and momentum).

Do the math. Each invite is worth $1,400. Each presentation is worth $6,500. Each new person who declares his or her intention to build with you is worth $20,000.

Could you, and would you, invite 14 people a week to look at your opportunity if your company paid you $1,400 for each of them … but only if you hit the 14 mark each week? That’s $20,000 a week. Would you? 

6. Decide whether this is easy or hard.

Now you might be thinking: Who will I talk to? What will I say to them? What should I do if they say NO?

We make this profession hard because of how we think about it. And because we make it hard, it becomes hard, and we don’t do much to make the opportunity work.

Hard becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. But when we understand the math and how easy and fun the profession can be, we make so much more of the opportunity.

You might say that the odds are against you, and you would be right. But they are not external odds. They are internal odds that you stack against yourself. You CAN unstack them and rebuild an expectation and belief that actually serves you.

You might ask what the average person earns in Network Marketing. The answer is nothing. Average people make it hard and don’t ever get out of the batter’s box.

So let’s say you earn just 1/3 as much as the example above. What if everyone you invited was worth $500? What would you do then?

When you give each activity the right value—a reward high enough to make it easy, fun and worth it—then easy, fun and worth it become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You can do this.

– Richard