Bass Pro Shops, one of the largest retail chains in the nation, is relying on a pyramid to grow sales!

When someone asks if your business is a “Pyramid Scheme” what do you say? Do you drop this question in response: “Isn’t Corporate America or the US government the biggest pyramid of all?”

Does that response shift how people see us?
We think NOT.
Check out the video: 

Ok, they aren’t becoming a Network Marketing company. So, let’s talk.
Next time you get the “Pyramid” objection, try this:
      1. Respond by saying “I don’t know.”
      2. Ask, “What do you mean by pyramid scheme?”
      3. Listen intently. Seek to understand how they see it.
      4. BE an empathetic enroller who seeks to make people right vs. making them wrong.
      5. Open them vs. closing them.

I can assure you their objection has nothing to do with the shape or the hierarchy. We are, in fact, much more of a Bell Curve than a pyramid anyway.

What you WILL find by listening and asking for as much clarification as they will give you is that it is not the shape; it is the perceived function, culture and ethics of what we do. Telling them the US government is a pyramid too just adds to their frustration with how ridiculous we often sound.

The five tips I listed above are part of my “Listening Through Objections” approach. This is the Tai Chi approach to dealing with people’s questions and concerns. It is void of arguments and truly opens people up to “just take a look.”

You can become a Master at Listening Through Objections … I promise you, the results will be profound.

– Richard –