I’m thrilled to have special guest Adam Green from Young Living writing this week’s blog post. Adam has built his business like a pro and is an inspiration for young adults (and those just young at heart) who have the commitment and drive to succeed. 

– Richard –


I’m sure many readers are quite familiar with the adage: “If you treat your business like a hobby, you get paid like a hobby. If you treat your business like a business, you get paid like a business.” This was one of the first phrases that stuck with me in my early twenties as I embarked on my journey as a Network Marketing professional.

However, often cliché statements can fall upon deaf ears when repeated over and over again. So as I developed, I began to investigate this truth in more detail and find ways to connect this to other areas of life that we associate better with, since most people are not naturally raised and inclined with a business owner’s mindset.

Most people are quite familiar with the idea of attending post secondary education as a way to learn and develop new skills for a chosen profession. If you want to become a teacher, you have a journey of at least four years ahead of you, investing a substantial amount of time and money toward your chosen craft. 18 year olds fresh out of high school are willing to invest $30,000+ a year toward a four-year degree, knowing they will be attending classes, completing homework, studying in the library, and truly immersing themselves toward their chosen profession.

They are willing to do this for four years, potentially taking on a decent debt load (since, by giving up a lot of their time, they are likely unable to work full time), and graduating to hopefully work in their field.Those who successfully achieve their goals are the ones who have invested the most time and effort toward their trade. Hobbyists in this realm often do not succeed, and either drop out or produce failing grades. Those who are committed are the ones who succeed.

Earlier this year we witnessed one of the largest sporting events in North America, the Super Bowl. Every athlete who took the field on game day, I promise you, invested a lot of time and effort into becoming skilled and successful at their chosen position. Countless hours practicing, reviewing game tapes, and participating in off season training are all areas these athletes are committed to excelling in, moving them toward mastery in order to win the championship for their team and a Super Bowl ring for themselves. When you see these athletes take the field, you see the result of thousands of hours of preparation. Many people enjoy football as a hobby, but these athletes are people who began to treat their hobby like a profession, and thus, became professionals.

As Network Marketers, we are all business owners in essence, but many people who join our teams have little to no business skill or training. We have amateurs or hobbyists joining a skilled profession, and in order for you to succeed as a Network Marketer, just like in any other business or skilled trade, you must develop the proper skills to succeed if you want to join the upper echelon of distributors and make a business-like income.

I can tell you, if I had wanted to hop onto the field on Super Bowl Sunday, I would have been met with a big surprise taking that first hit. As I was getting hauled off the field on a stretcher, I would have realized this was not a field for hobbyists, that there should have been more skill development, preparation and education before ever having the chance of becoming a pro.

Pros are developed and trained, they do not appear overnight in sports; degrees aren’t earned in a weekend, and you won’t become a Network Marketing professional overnight. However, committing yourself to a Four Year Career in our business, where you will have the ability to learn while you earn, develop your skills, and work with seasoned mentors to achieve your goals is a big reality.

If you have a desire to get off the Network Marketing bench and into the game, you will need to make a decision and commitment to treat your business like a business, and no longer like a hobby.There are more resources than ever dedicated to empowering you to become a pro in our business, such as The Four Year Career®Go Pro, and Building an Empire, to name a few.

What would all of our businesses look like if we invested the same amount of time and money as post secondary students into the “text books” of our profession, with a commitment to not just read them, but to teach them to our teams … to implement the information into our daily activities and become a pro?

This process will not happen overnight, but it can happen quicker than in most skilled trades in life, with greater benefits than likely any other business model on the earth today.

In closing, treat your business like a business and a professional with a long term plan and commitment in place, and actually implement everything you learn into an income-producing activity, and you will see success in our business.

Adam Green of Young Living