It is a rare occurrence for people to be truly heard and to be honoredfor where they are in life.

When you adopt the Curiosity-Based Prospecting approach, you will show up for your prospects as one of the most interesting people they have ever met. Imagine that. Imagine that you show up for your prospects as interesting … if only because you ARE interested … interested enough to put their need to be heard above your own. We don’t close people with this approach – we open them.

What happens as a result is magical. People who feel safe and heardopen up and share. They share their fears and frustrations. They share their passions. They will give you the opening to ask them to take a look.

And that is the fundamental activity that leads to success in Network Marketing … just asking people to take a look. And allowing them to decide if what you have to offer is a fit for them.

As a result … even those who say "no" become, over time, your warm market. Because now … they trust you, they like you, and they know they are not going to get from you a feeling that they are wrong or stupid or a loser for not jumping in with you at their first look.

Imagine inviting just one person a day for a year, and in year two you have 300 plus prospects who know you, know your products and opportunity, like you, and trust you. They become your most valuable prospects, allowing you to never have to talk to a stranger ever again.

Be Present, Be Curious, Be Patient and Be a Listener. You can join the movement to restore dignity, honor and trust to the Network Marketing profession by adopting this natural, easy approach to offering people your opportunity.

Join the Bliss Business movement. Let’s open them up.

– Richard –