I had just hung up from a group coaching call around “building your business as you live your life.”

I told the group I was going to demonstrate how to do this by filming some interactions I would encounter during my day. 

I grabbed my car keys and ran out the door to my next appointment.

As I reached the bottom of the hill, I realized I had left my sunglasses at home. 

Knowing my next 5 hours of meetings were outside in the bright Hawaiian sun, I needed sunglasses. 

It was quicker to run into the Sunglass Hut than it was to go back up the hill and I was already running behind

As I pulled into the mall parking lot, my phone started to ding with texts, PM’s and calls around a software glitch.

I felt myself getting sucked in to the abyss. 

I quickly became one of those people. A phone zombie. Texting and walking. Oblivious to everything around me. 

I arrived at the shop and in between messages looked up to ask for polarized lenses.

The gal was darling. I let her know I had left my sunglasses at home and needed to quickly get a new pair as I was pressed for time.

As she assisted me in finding the right pair, she attempted to connect with me.

I was no where to be found. I had been grabbed by the hands inside my phone.

She continued to engage in conversation, but it was a dead end street. I gave her nothing.

As she rang me up, I pulled the sunglasses out of the new case and put them on my face.

She was still looking at me pleasantly; smiling at the purchase I had made.

As I placed them on my face, I felt something blocking them. I quickly put my hands up to my ears to feel what was in the way of my brand new shades. 

At the moment she said “You have a pair of sunglasses on your head”, I realized I hadn’t forgotten my sunglasses after all. They were right where they belonged

On top of my head! 

Lessons learned from a pair of sunglasses:

    1. Practice what I preach. I DID NOT build my business as I lived my life that day.
    2. Running on autopilot doesn’t allow me to be my best self.
    3. Being present with myself and my surroundings is invaluable.
    4. Nothing is more important than the person right in front of me.
    5. Put down the phone! When in the company of real people, everything else can wait.
    6. Opportunities are right in front of us, if we are paying attention!
    7. Laugh. Often. This was actually very funny. Sometimes we take ourselves way too seriously.
    8. Sunglasses are expensive.

How many times have you had your sunglasses on your head too? 

Go out and be great,


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