Listening Through Objections is the Tai Chi approach to supporting people through their fears and frustrations. 

It’s 7 easy steps and you can download them for free right here: Listening Through Objections

This approach is based in a deep conviction to make people right vs. making them wrong.

Very few people are walking around ready to enroll in a new business venture. When we present to them, we ought to expect questions, fears and frustrations based on their own previous life experiences.

Historically what we have done is counter objections with a winning argument. What’s the problem in doing this?

“Overcoming objections” makes people wrong … makes them feel smaller and stupid, which results in them getting more frustrated, fearful and even angry.

Closing people may work in some environments, but the Bliss way is to open them: to make them feel right, feel in charge (because they are), make them feel safe, and most importantly, make them feel heard.

Try it. Start with Step 1 and just work on shifting your attitude about objections.See the magic show up in your relationships. See how it makes you relaxed, confident and attractive. See how it gets people to “just take a look.”

Get the full presentation of Listening Through Objections now: Listening Through Objections

I believe in you,

- Richard -