“If ever there was a path available to anyone, from anywhere, in any current career, and any set of circumstances to gain their own financial freedom and independence … Network Marketing is it.”

– RB 

There are many powerful advantages of a Network Marketing lifestyle.  

      • Frequent recognition.
      • Travel for training and fun.
      • Earning while you learn.
      • Tax advantages.
      • Being in business for yourself – but not by yourself.
      • Mentoring and coaching relationships.
      • Personal development paths.

While these are all extraordinary advantages, there is one that many of us believe is the most important.

Asset Royalty Income

There are very few income opportunities that allow us to build a pure asset income – and the net worth that comes with it – primarily using our sweat equity.

Earning $5,000 a month now, and $10,000 a month in net worth at the same time!

So first, what is Asset Royalty Income?

Asset Income is income that you earn regardless of your everyday involvement in creating it. Consider it passive income or royalty income.

You invest in or build or invent or create something that has enough value and longevity that it earns you income virtually forever.

The Real Estate rental market is an example of asset income. You invest your hard-earned cash in a property, whether all cash or financed. You earn the difference between the rent, minus your mortgage and other expenses. Your net cash flow is an asset.

Another commonplace example is that of investing in equities. Over time you invest your hard earned cash in bonds or stocks, the kind that pays dividends or interest. That income is residual, in that once you own the equities you continue to earn the income forever.

Both of these examples carry inherent risk. Stocks can vaporize. Specific real estate markets decline or tenants systematically destroy the property.

Then, there is the pure residual kind. 

A pure asset income in Network Marketing has similar value. Although you may not be able to sell it for that value in cash, it holds that value nonetheless because the value is in the income

For clarity, the definition of pure residual – or what I like to call royalty asset income – is Network Marketing income you earn with the following conditions. This is after you've worked to achieve your:

1. You do not have to keep working to earn it. 

You may spend a tiny portion of it on products and/or fees in order to earn it. You may have to show up to an occasional meeting or conference call, but you do not have to do any more work. 

2. You can count on your income staying stable (at least) indefinitely.

This means you cannot see any circumstances other than acts of God, terrorism or blindsiding economic forces that would wreak havoc on your Network Marketing business.

Network Marketing empire building– done right, in the right company – allows you to build a lifetime, steady flow of pure asset income, regardless of your personal involvement. 

So, what's it worth?

That asset is worth 10 to 20 times the annual income you receive from it. Want to become a millionaire? Just get busy in the right company for a year or two, and you can add SMM (Self-Made Millionaire) to your resume and business cards.

A Network Marketing pure Asset Income of $5,000 a month can be worth a lot more than $1,000,000.

Check Out The Math:

Bliss Business MLM Asset Income Explanation and Illustration How To

This will take some years to establish, especially at the higher levels – your income along the way and an extra $5,000 a month, even if it is earned income, for now, can put you on the path to wealth.

Your Financial Future

For most of us, such wealth may have always seemed like a dream-come-true luxury. Our parents didn’t need that kind of wealth to do well in life. 

Why Might We?

There is no “might” about it for the majority of us. Our parents grew old in the days of pensions, corporate benefits, and semi-affordable healthcare. We will not be growing old with these props in place. 

It is a commonly accepted practice today for corporations to take drastic measures to offload their pension and health care liabilities. The price of healthcare is already out of control, and will certainly gain even more momentum. You and I will need at least several million in secure assets to live out our golden years with some gold.

If ever there was a path available to anyone, from anywhere, in any current career, and any set of circumstances to gain their own freedom and independence … Network Marketing is it.

I believe in you,


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