The Virgin brand is one of the strongest in the world.

Consumers expect something different, something more fun and extraordinary from doing business with any one of his companies.

Sir Richard Branson has duplicated that culture and expectation in the hundreds of companies he owns. The market TRUSTS that a Virgin company will deliver ... and they buy into that trust.

      • Trusting that they are telling the truth.
      • Trusting that they have people's best interest at heart.
      • Trusting that they are operating from integrity vs greed.

These have been a challenge for the Network Marketing profession.

Imagine how much fun we will have when we create an expectation of fun, integrity, truth, and trust in the brand of Network Marketing

Imagine how much fun and more success we will have when the public looks forward to engaging with us. 

We can do it. Together.

I recently had the opportunity to ask Sir Richard Branson about this subject in front of 20,000 Network Marketing Professionals at the 2016 Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Find out what Sir Richard Branson had to say about TRUST in Network Marketing in this 4 min clip. 


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Yours in Partnership and Success

- Richard -

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