We arrived at the airport nice and early which allowed me time for my indulgence … a venti passion tea, extra ice no sugar, from Starbucks.

As I placed my order, a yawn slipped out of my mouth and instantly the barista said: 

“Don’t even get me started.”

I moved down the line to the pickup area where I could overhear the gal who passed out the final orders declare: 

“I’m so tired, I’ll never get through this day." 

Next, I watched as the drinks got handed out and instead of “Jacob, your one pump mocha no whip is ready,” it was “Who ordered the Mocha one pump?” out of Sleepy’s mouth.  

Then a more official looking employee came over and said: 

“How many times do I need to tell you? Names need to be put on all the cups. It enhances the customer experience.”

Not only did Sleepy get the training tip, those of us in line waiting did too. 

I left with a not so Starbucks experience. 

That home away from home, high energy, I wanna hang out here all day vibe was missing

I imagine Howard Shultz would have been shocked.

As I walked away, I wasn’t as excited about my venti, extra ice, no sugar passion tea.

It had me thinking about us, Network Marketers and the experience we leave. 

      • Do we show up as our best self?
      • Are we on time?
      • Do we complain about guests that didn’t make it in front of the guests who did?
      • Is our house cluttered when we have an event?
      • Are we looking at our phones during a presentation?
      • Do we share our own drama

LITTLE things that make a BIG impression. 

The little things can be the difference between a YES and a NO.

Are you the one who goes above and beyond to provide outstanding service?

Or are you more like the staff at the airport Starbucks, offering a YAWN to your potential customer. 

Imagine how your results might change if you became committed to the 5 Star experience for all … every time.

Go out and be great,


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