“If you’re happy with yesterday, you have no tomorrow.” 

This was one of the first sentences shared as John Maxwell kicked off a full day of leadership training in Atlanta a few weeks back. The room was loaded with 65 of the top Network Marketing leaders from around the world. The energy was palpable.

In that moment, it hit me.

There’s so much more for me to do, become, give and share with the world. Time to get busy and stop focusing on what I have accomplished, and rather, stay focused on what I intend to accomplish moving forward.


It takes holding the mirror up and really being willing to look. I had to ask myself these questions and answer them with honesty.

  • Am I setting the example I need to be for my team?
  • Am I running at the pace I expect them to run?
  • Am I inviting, presenting and enrolling with fire in my belly every day, or am I allowing myself to get off track … distracted with things that seem important but don’t set the pace?

My answers surprised me because I am one who is in constant action. And yet, answering honestly, my answers were no. I could definitely be doing more to lead by example.


Awareness is the first step to change. What would your answers be to these questions? Do you ride on the glory of yesterday’s success? Can you be doing more to lead the way by setting an even better example yourself? Are you willing to do all that you ask of your team? I say, even if you’re at the top, there’s always room to do more.

From this event, I came home and launched a campaign with my leaders called 25 days of expansion. A quick check-in each morning with a new concept around leadership and self-improvement has set the wheels in motion for not only my team, but most importantly, for me to reach even more of my greatness than I was allowing myself previously.

The synergy, connection and focus this has created in the group will have a ripple effect throughout the entire company.

What one thing could you enhance that could put the ball in motion for your entire team and beyond?


- Kimmy -