Can a square peg fit into a round hole? There are two ways to approach this.

One would be yes, absolutely.  

Anyone can transform into anythingThe beauty of Network Marketing is you get to grow into your very best self. While you may be terrible at speaking, inviting, following up, or building a team as you get started, once engaged in these skills, the learning curve can be quite fast.

Sometimes, believing in someone more than they believe in themselves, seeing something more than they see in themselves, and asking more of them then they would ask of themselves allows this individual to truly transform and become an incredible leader gifted with the story of their journey. We all love a (true) fairy tale.

Second, would be a no. 

You can’t want something more for someone than they want for themselves. And this is true. There will be those team members who will simply never do what they say they intend to do. They do not have enough passion, excitement, or internal motivation to make it work.

These people can be the most draining of all, as we want nothing more than to see them take that first step to success, because we know what’s on the other side.  

Ever found yourself knowing THIS person was the one who was going to knock it out of the park?

And they do absolutely nothing? No round hole here.

So where’s the middle ground? 

How do you know who to pour into and who to release? My answer is this.

First, ask

      • Find out exactly what your team member wants to get out of the business. 
      • How much income would they like to create?
      • How much time do they have to put in?
      • Why exactly did they get started? 

This is the baseline to work from. Without it, it’s simply the blind leading the blind.

Throw the ball to everyone. The ones who catch it and throw it back are the ones you breathe life, fire, energy, and belief into.

How do you know they’ve caught the ball?

      • They do the training
      • They make their list
      • They get on the team calls. 
      • They check in regularly with their progress or challenges. 
      • They are visible, hungry and in your face.

What about those who drop the ball? Or never even catch it? 

You still love them. You just stop “hoping” they will become YOUR vision of them. They have their own vision and it may not align with yours.

Revisiting the initial conversation around what they intended to create can sometimes ignite the spark. Many times it can’t. You’ll know in your gut when it’s wrong.  

Stop trying to make that peg fit and pour your efforts into the ones who are malleable. 

I believe in you,


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