We did it again! We hit the streets of Las Vegas of all places to find out what people know and how they feel about Network Marketing, MLM or even Direct Sales.

We are on a mission at Bliss Business to change the way we as Network Marketers promote our opportunities.

For the last 60 years we (and our forefathers/mothers) have been arguing with people, manipulating them, hyping our products and deceiving people about what we do. The result is people generally do not trust our profession and are therefore not as open about it as we would like to hear … again.

Watch this quick preview below to see the common definition of Network Marketing.


We can change this and we can change it in the next few years. Here is how:

      1. Instead of telling people what they SHOULD be doing with their lives, ASK them what they ARE doing. Let them tell you THEIR story.
      2. LISTEN with all of your heart. Be generous in your listening. Allow the conversation to be about them … their stories, their opinions, their frustrations and their fears.
      3. Let them vent about Network Marketing, including their experiences and opinions, regardless of how unfair or unfounded. Just listen and learn.
      4. If they ask you what you do, don’t give them a silly riddle. Tell them straight out like you own it. And remember … they often don’t know what Network Marketing, MLM or even Direct Sales is, so give them examples of companies so they are clear.
      5. Don’t hype your product or opportunity. Nobody’s products or companies are “the best” or the fastest. Give people the opportunity to actually believe you by giving them a believable set of facts or stories.
      6. Just ask people – when the time is right – if they are willing to “just take a look.” Let them look at anything and everything. Instead of closing them … open them with your ease and transparency.
      7. Let people be where they are in life. If the time is right to join you and you are attractive enough, they will join you. Usually the time is just not right for people to take on a whole new path.

Be Present
Be Patient
Be Curious
Be Trusted, Respected and Admired

Live Your Bliss

– Richard –