My best source of leads? People. I am a networker.

There are lots of ways to connect with people and convert them. I follow my strength and my personal style, which is to connect with people I meet along the way in life.

I look at everyone as though they have an untold story. I look at them with a vision that they know a lot of people … about 200 each, from all walks of life, some of whom would be a perfect fit for my business.

I see endless possibilities.

In the moment people are invited, they rarely think they are open. They rarely are “looking” for an opportunity, especially not an MLM one.

However, like everyone else on my team, they value their health and they value their wealth, and once they see past their biases, they see opportunity.

Local people, for me, are better than long distance. Long distance enrolling is like long distance dating. It can work, but the odds of setting someone on fire with your passion and conviction is a lot harder this way.

Locally, I look for movers and shakers in my community. The local newspapers and weekly arts and community interest magazines are a gold mine for finding people and events. When I go to an event, my focus is to meet several people, but just connect with one.  

I also look for business people who own facilities where they are the “experts” and have built-in traffic, i.e. personal trainers, yoga instructors, chiropractors, etc. It is easier for these people to see how they might create a group of customers.


Step 1: Make Contact.  

This starts with a smile, a hello, and/or a simple question as an icebreaker.(What is your name, where do you live, how long have you worked here, are you coming or going, etc.)

Step 2: Be Curious.

Most networkers just ask enough scripted questions to “tee up” their prospects so they can pitch them. This is why most people do not see themselves doing what we do. We are like a herd of runaway homeless used car salespeople desperate to make a sale.

Try this instead: be curious about them. If you are curious, you will ask questions. You won’t talk about yourself, your products or your company. You will simply ask questions and listen. Don’t worry about what to ask. If you are curious, you will ask the right questions.

Step 3: Stay Present.  

This is different than what you might consider listening. Most of us listen in the form of a conversation. Someone is talking and you act like you are listening, but actually you are talking to yourself. 

It may sound like:
Hurry up and finish so I can have my turn.
Get to the point … you’re taking too long to make it.
I already know all about this.
I don’t agree with you. 

You might as well be talking out loud while the other person is talking. It is that obnoxious.

Be present instead. Quiet the mind. Quiet the chatter and judgments. Just take it all in. Get them. Get what they are saying. Get who they are behind their words. They can tell when you’re an empty vessel of listening vs. a bundle of judgments and chatter.

Step 4: Answer Questions Simply and Directly Without Any Riddle

When people ask you about yourself, tell them straight up. Answer their questions, and then ask about them again. Do not run on about yourself.Whatever they ask, answer. Period.

And when it comes to your MLM career, don’t be cute and creative. Don’t tell them you are “an emergency retirement specialist.” People hate riddles in answer to their questions.

Step 5: Be Patient.  

If you connect with people, and if you’re a connection for them vs. a recruiter, they will trust being in your presence, and they will open up to you.

Open people will tell you what they want more of in life and what they want less of. That is your opening to offer them a possible solution.

Step 6: Just Ask People to “Take a Look.” 

Don’t tell people that they SHOULD buy your products or join your business. Nothing is more arrogant than self-serving salespeople who think they know what is best for others.

We are all in charge of our lives and ought to be honored in making our own decisions. Let people look. Help people look. Open them vs. close them.

The best thing about this approach is the list of warm market people you will build. Most people we approach are not ready in the moment to do something different, either as customers or business partners. But they likely will be in the future IF you stay in touch with them in a fun and respectful way.

Your NOs (“not nows”) will become your best prospects moving forward. Imagine connecting with a couple of people a day, 365 days a year. By the end of year one, you’d have over 700 people. If you enrolled 10% of them as customers and/or sales leaders, you’d have over 600 people who know what you do to refresh your products or opportunity to.

I would much rather follow up with 600 people who like me, trust me, and know what I do than prospect 600 people who have no prior connection with me.

- Richard -

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