Imagine for a moment that you were paid $500 for everyone you invited to “just take a look.” Imagine that is all you got paid for. Not the presentations, not the overcoming of objections and not emotionally handling all the “no’s.” 

Walk with me for a moment. We have all day. We may connect with someone on Social Media, at a school or church event, out shopping, working out or by just taking a stroll through the list of people we know. Remember, we have all day.

If our “job,” or more precisely, our business, was to “connect” and “invite” just one person a day to take a look – just one – and all we had to do was invite them and we are paid $500 …

      • Whom would we invite? Everyone?
      • What would we say? What was said to you?
      • What would we do if they said no?

We make “recruiting” scary by what we make up in our mind … the stories of hard work and horror that paralyze us. Were we that scary of a prospect? Were we looking for a Network Marketing company? Didn’t we have the same “objections” as everyone else … time, money and selling?

Imagine how fluidly and powerfully you would move through your day with the $500 story. Imagine whom you would talk to and what you would say. Pay attention to how your body feels in this state. This is the state of a Master Network Marketer, and you can put yourself there every day.

Practice in your mind and body the vision of this movement, and you will soon find yourself at ease, with great power and confidence in regard to inviting.

Get your $500 groove on. A year from now is happening anyway … whether you are inviting or not. You can have 350 new people in your warm market by then or not. It all depends on how you move.

– Richard –