Personal Development

Mastering Self-Motivation

What If You Could Feel On Fire Every Day In Every Way?  You Can!

Feeling Joy, Peace and Confidence can be by accident or it can be on purpose.
There are ways to design YOU so you actually feel this way whenever you want, about whatever you want.

The Art of Therapeutic Listening

Do you know what your default listening is?

Many people think that when they're communicating with others that they're listening, when in reality they aren't.

In this week's video blog I discuss the Art of Therapeutic Listening ...

The Opportunity The More You Know


"Today, people are longing for a return to a real, safe, relaxed time of freedom and soulful connection with others. People want to play together, pray together, get to really know each other, and most importantly, be known by others.

Freedom Isn't Free

The only thing I've done to honor our country and the freedom it provides me and my family is to pay taxes. I have never served, not in the military nor as a volunteer here or abroad. My sacrifice has been nothing more than a percentage of the opportunities this Freedom has offered me.

What is Your Gift?

There's a theory in personal empowerment that I've learned which says "every one of us has a gift that we bring to the world."

Whatever we are pursuing in life, if we can understand and accept what our gifts are and incorporate those into our daily strategies then achieving our desired goals and results becomes much easier.

3 Laws of Moving Into Momentum

“An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force. An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.”

- Newton's 1st Law of Motion

4 Exciting Coaching Conversations

Coaching is one of the most important skills we can have in leadership.

All of us, in a position of leading other people, are coaches.

In today's video blog I'm going to talk about 4 different coaching conversations, and how you can lift people up around you and get people into action.

Distinctions of Distinctions

Identifying the many "distinctions" that you'll encounter as a Network Marketer or sales professional can help you navigate this amazing profession.  The question is, are you able to identify them and use them to your advantage?

Happy Thanksgiving

“If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life”

How fortunate we feel to wake up each morning, watching the sunrise as we read the newest stories in our inbox from people around the world. 

Mountains To Molehills

Motivation is that magic potion of energy, mood, confidence, persistence, and creativity that has you looking at your world like a winner. You see it, feel it, and can even taste it. With that kind of magic mood, you and I can and will do anything we choose.

The Truth About Believing

One of the biggest challenges I face in teaching people the Art of Self-Motivation is leading them to understand how you and I learn to believe. By the Mach2 definition, a Vision is not a Vision unless you have some belief that it is inevitable. Otherwise, it is nothing more than a wish, at worst, and a...

Transformers On The Loose!

What inspires me? I'll tell you what inspires me ... over 200 courageous souls on fire about taking "themselves" on and reinventing the old into a chosen new. I just spent the weekend with over 200 of them in Kewlona, BC at the University of British Columbia where they honored me to lead them through what has always been for me, an extraordinary experience ... let me share a little of that with you. 

Creating Happy Human Moments

We've all had 'em! Moments so touching and simple, yet so profound, you wish everyone could have experienced them. Focus more on what you can give and less on what you Can GET. In a time when things are feeling heavy in the world, we have a tremendous opportunity to shift that weight. It’s so simple.

The Gift of Listening

Ever been chatting with someone and, before you can even finish your sentence, they interrupt to share their own thought or finish yours for you? Learn the 4 steps to making sure someone "Feels Heard". Read about how being interesting may have nothing to do with your deeds, your opinions or your stories, but rather your interest in others.

Being The Best You Can Be

Take a moment to imagine where our society would be if we (people and businesses) allowed ourselves to believe we have no need for improvement ... STOP Settling for "Good Enough" and START Reaching for Excellence. Discover the steps you can take on a daily basis to improve who you ARE, how you ACT, how you REACT and how you ATTRACT.

You’ll See It When You Believe It

Think of a time when you really wanted something badly. When your need to have it or achieve it consumed your thoughts, yet your mind convinced you it was out of reach or unattainable. It is not enough to want, wish or hope. It is not enough to set goals or work hard. We must affirm over and over again in our mind's eye, and in our hearts, that what we want is inevitable. 

The Power of Personal Authenticity

This process works to peel off the layers of "others' visions for you" and expose the true essence of you. It works because the process of visualizing the new you— regardless of your mindless internal chatter about it — over time trains your emotional, spiritual and unconscious self to believe and accept itIt works because it is merely training the powerful part of you to shine again.

Embracing Change

Without change, without new, without the unexpected, life is stagnant and there’s no room for growth. Some of my greatest gifts have come from changes I would have never asked for. The couch reminded me of this. Because we sat in this unexplored territory, others began to congregate there as well. I made a few new wonderful connections. 

Your Past, Your Present or Your Future?

The beginning of the question is: "What is your vision created of … your past, your present or your future?" Maybe we need to back up a little to answer that. You and I have these movies we run in our head. They start with a dialog, turn into pictures … then moving pictures, and then we feel the way these movies allow us to feel. These movies and the feelings that come with them are what I call our personal visions


So WHY would anyone pursue a new business with the passion and confidence required to pull it off? They won’t unless they know WHY. And it is not enough to know WHY as a “thing,” like more money to pay off debts or cover that ever-escalating mortgage payment. To be able to name the “thing” is not enough. Our imagination muscle is far more inclined to “work out” the negative, and much less inclined to “work out” the positive.

2017: How the Year Unfolds is ... Your Choice

With the New Year fast approaching, everyone is filled with optimism … the resolution to make this year different. So why do we rarely achieve it? Because we never move past intentions. Intentions, stay with me ... are overrated. The power of intention might get us started in our New Year’s goals, but the truth is that it can be short-lived.

The Elements of Greatness

Self-Motivation gives us the power to act and the power to attract that which we need to bring our Visions to fruition. Self-Motivation flows in direct proportion to how clear and compelling one's Vision is in their mind and in their heart.

Belief: Your Greatest Secret to Knocking It Out of the Park

Motivation has no conscience. It does not care what you want or what you don’t want; what you need or what you don’t need. It only produces itself in accordance with what you expect – scenarios in which you BELIEVE.

Seeing Is Believing: Power Up Your Subconscious

Our power to move mountains lies in our sadness, our fear, our joy and our anger. We can do anything and attract anything to us when we are moved to do so.

Driving Through The Myths Of Success

Success is not getting everything you ever wanted, but rather moving forward toward what you want. It’s about being in the process of achievement, and being in love with the process.

Free To Fly: 3 Steps To Program Your Mind For Success

Letting it happen is different from making it happen. When we are motivated, we let things happen for us. There is a world of abundance out there: an abundance of money, love, health, fun and adventure. All we have to do is program our minds to believe in ourselves, and in our own value and dreams.

The Power Of Gratitude

Gratitude carries such amazing power. Gratitude instantly reshapes our over-amped ambitions, competitiveness, and rat-race mentality. Gratitude heals many wounds, and every relationship, when we give it a chance.