We’ve all had 'em.

Moments that have you filled with joy.

Moments that had you celebrating humanity

Moments created by another that left you feeling connected.

Moments so touching and simple, yet so profound, you wish everyone could have experienced them.

I call them Happy Human Moments. 

Lately, it feels like the world is screaming for them ... 

On any other day I may have walked right by, but today my eyes were caught by something to my left.  

A gigantic smiley face made of fresh Hawaiian plumeria flowers on a small patch of grass, carefully created with meticulous detail.

It sat there smiling at me amidst the hustle and bustle of the Waikiki pedestrian freeway.  

I have walked this route for years, hundreds of times with no such smile. Yet today, early in the morning, someone was moved to create this simple masterpiece.

This gesture, so totally unexpected, had me wondering ...

Rather than trying to figure out the why and the what behind those big bright flowery eyes, I decided to just love it for what it was.

A moment that made my heart full. A moment that made me think about you. Yes, you! About all of us, really.

In a time when things are feeling heavy in the world, we have a tremendous opportunity to shift that weight. It’s so simple.

What was the last #HappyHumanMoment you created? 

Not for recognition or Facebook likes, but just because you were moved to do so.

A simple gesture. Something out of the ordinary. Not necessarily big in production or cost, but something that made another's, if not many other's, hearts sing?  

Sometimes in the grind of life, business, love, and family, we spend so much time focusing on what we can get.

But imagine if, for this moment, you thought about what you could give. 

What if you were to step into this #happyhumanmoment movement?

Make someone’s day by shining your light

Go above and beyond in an area you normally wouldn’t. 

Show up in a way that’s extraordinary. 

By creating happy human moments in your world … your energy will shift.

You will feel full. Full of life. Full of gifts. Full of love. You will attract more people to you because you radiate warmth, something people are craving.

YOU will be that smiley-faced flower of connection for the world.

Go ahead. I dare you. Happy Human Moments are calling your name. I hear them.

Go out and be great,


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