Would you sit there?

From the time I was ten I had my very own membership to the Outrigger Canoe Club, a beach club set right on the edge of the infamous Waikiki beach. 

For generations my family has belonged to this club; starting with my grandparents, then my parents, on down to my sisters and me, and now our children.  

Needless to say, this is a club steeped in tradition. From canoe paddling and surfing to beach Volleyball and watching the sunset on the Hau Terrace (a large oceanfront restaurant). 

The rituals and customs are deeply engrained in all who belong to it.

The Outrigger is like a second home. The place people go daily on their way to and from work to grab a bite to eatsay hello to friendsget in a quick workout, or just to feel connected.

The Outrigger is always my first stop when I go back to Oahu and yesterday was no different. I couldn’t wait to get there to watch the sunset and catch up with old friends.  

As I approached the Hau Terrace, I did a double take.

Everything was different! 

For the past fifty plus years, the furniture had never changed. Large teak tables had showered the terrace. 

But today, before my eyes was an entirely new set up!  

Couches, booths, and different tables and chairs! It amazed me how disorienting this was for me

In the past, you were free to grab any table. All of a sudden I found myself wondering“Can I sit wherever I want or are there new rules?”  

I decided to be bold and go sit in the very inviting couch area. I was curious why no one else had taken this spot as it offered the best view on the terrace

I sat down and began to take it all in, the new and definitely improved Outrigger Canoe Club.  

And as my friends began trickling in, I found it fascinating to watch their experiences as well. 

Complaints of how the new chairs were too low, the arrangement of furniture felt off and the “couch area” where we sat, what on earth were they thinking? And why on earth had I chosen this area to sit! 

I had to laugh. 

It’s amazing how resistant we can be to change, even when it’s for the best

Do you embrace change? Or do you hold on to everything you know with all your might? Maybe even forcing things to stay the same when change is way overdue.  

Imagine trusting that whatever is going to happen is going to be in your best interest, even if you can’t see it at the very moment it happens. 

How freeing would that be? Imagine:

      • Being elated each time a new comp plan change is announced. 
      • Finding joy in a leader leaving.  
      • Jumping up and down when a new system is unveiled and you just finally mastered the old.

      Without change, without new, without the unexpected, life is stagnant and there’s no room for growth.  

      Some of my greatest gifts have come from changes I would have never asked for.  

      The couch reminded me of this. Because we sat in this unexplored territory, others began to congregate there as well. 

      I made a few new wonderful connections. 

      And as we left the club, one of my friends leaned over and said, “I’m so glad we sat there. That was a blast.”

      What unknown can you embrace today for a bigger brighter tomorrow? 

      Go out and be great,


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