The only thing I've done to honor our country and the freedom it provides me and my family is to pay taxes. I have never served, not in the military nor as a volunteer here or abroad. My sacrifice has been nothing more than a percentage of the opportunities this Freedom has offered me.
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This morning Kimmy was telling me a story about her father and how he lost two brothers in the Korean War. Years ago he was outraged when he learned Memorial Day was not on the Holiday calendar at the small school she was attending. In protest, he kept her and her sisters home that day. I could feel his pain. I could feel the dishonor he must have felt.

There are endless stories of tragedy, heartache, and loss at such a level that most of us cannot even imagine in the history of wars our country has fought. Husbands, wives, sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters lost, for what may seem like at the time, senseless agendas.

And yet perhaps when we look at the long game, we might be able to imagine what our world would be like if Hilter's agenda ruled Europe today. Or North Korea. Or if North Vietnam today ruled a significant part of Asia. Or anyone of the lunatics running around the world had their way with nuclear or chemical weapons. I can imagine our world would be quite different and not so free.

It is heartbreaking to think that technology was so archaic in these times that all we really had to throw at the threat were more and more bodies in some hopeless attempt to quell the tide of evil. Imagine the lives these brave men and women could have led. Imagine the children they could have raised … the geometric progression if you will, of beautiful creative lives never to be.

How can we honor these lives lost? Picnics, booze and beach parties as we take the weekend off? Let’s think again.

Are they honored only by "standing" during the national anthem? Or does taking a knee also honor the freedom for which they sacrificed their lives?

What ARE those Freedoms they fought for?
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Descent
  • Freedom of Religion
  • Freedom of Thought
We have the most magnificent society, culture and civilization modern history has recorded right here under our feet. And yet it might serve us to know that the average civilization in recorded history has only lasted 200 years. Taking the future for granted might have been the downfall of all of those thousands of civilizations lost.

Freedom is obviously not free. We have to fight for it in whatever way is available to us. Tolerating the degradation of the principles on which ours was created is the beginning of the end. And perhaps millions of lives lost might turn in their graves if they for one moment thought we were not fighting for the honor of their lives.

Let's Think on this day about Gratitude, Integrity, Honor, Principles, Love, Safety and our right to Agree to Disagree. It is all sacred.


Richard Bliss Brooke