“If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life”

How fortunate we feel to wake up each morning, watching the sunrise as we read the newest stories in our inbox from people around the world. 

Some having struggles, others at the peak of their greatness, but all coming from a place of courage and truly LIVING a life meant to be lived.  

The fact that we get to be engaged every single day in watching beautiful humans as they grow, expand, risk, fail, get back up, grow even more, and LEAD, is the greatest feeling possible.

Today, on this day of thanks, we celebrate each of you. 

Thank you for your contribution to us. You have participated in feeding our life passion. You help to make us better. 

Constantly keeping us aware of the value of continuously growing ourselves, of becoming better listeners, better coaches, better mentors, and better friends. 

Thank you from our hearts to yours, for giving us purpose! 

Our wish for you today is that you enjoy your family. Take the time to truly connect

Put down your phones, tuck away your worries and be present for those you care about. 

Tell them how they matter in your life!  

Today is our most favorite holiday for exactly that reason. Because it reminds us of why we do what we do in the first place.  

For a life of freedom and choice, and to be able to spend quality time with the people we love the most! 

Cheers to you!  

Happy Thanksgiving,

Richard & Kimmy Brooke