When it comes to living the life of your dreams, wishes and goals pale in comparison to the power of Vision. 

A Vision is an expectation or mindset that you hold as inevitable.  

You already have thousands of Visions in place, one for every situation you can imagine. The key to success is to craft a Vision that serves you in a powerful way … and then to BELIEVE IT. 

(To craft your Vision, get your hands on Mach2: The Art of Vision & Self-Motivation.)


First, here are the two ways belief is traditionally built: 

      1. You’ve actually experienced something, and therefore you believe it as the truth. 
      2. An authority figure (parent, teacher, boss, or the media) has told you it’s true, so you automatically believe it.

BUT … THERE IS A THIRD WAY … a nearly lost art of belief that anyone can use to “learn to believe” in anything.

Why is it so powerful? Because imagine how easy it would be to “expect success” if you had been successful at the same venture before. Imagine how naturally you would make things happen if everyone important in your life insisted that you had the magic touch.


To learn how to build belief this third way, we need to take a trip back to biology class to understand how the two parts of our minds work.


Its job in life is to discern things like right and wrong, hot and cold, danger and safety, pleasure and pain. It draws on an infinite storehouse of experiences to match up what it is sensing with what it has sensed before.

Out of all that, it draws conclusions in the form of opinions (“facts” if they are your own opinions and just opinions if they belong to others).

The conscious mind, compared to the subconscious, is small and weak. It may have as many limiting judgments and opinions as it has empowering ones. It usually keeps you playing small and safe.

It is the part of you that sits in a movie and “knows” that what you are viewing is all contrived. It knows that the movie is not real and that nothing has really happened to any of the people, regardless of what the film script dictates.


The other part of you that makes things happen is comprised of your subconscious mind, your emotions, and, if you will, your spiritual self.

This part of you provides your personal power and attracts good fortune to you. For most people, the subconscious, emotions and spirit are left to idle away, barely being utilized for anything truly desired. 

These powers (subconscious, emotions and spirit) in combination create your intuition, enthusiasm, courage, persistence, and even extraordinary physical power, if needed. Anything that has ever been created or accomplished that is extraordinary in human history has been accomplished by placing these powers in play.

These are also the parts of you that do not – in fact cannot – distinguish fact from fiction in a movie. They are not influenced by the facts; they are only influenced by the story.

They cannot tell the difference between a real event and one that has been vividly imagined. If it is clearly imagined, it is to these powers as though it actually happened. And they respond accordingly. That is why, regardless of the facts, we cry in sad movies and we fear for the lives of actors in danger.

Our power to move mountains lies in our sadness, our fear, our joy and our anger. We can do anything and attract anything to us when we are moved to do so. [click to tweet]

Your spiritual self-experiences the “movie” (your Vision) as though it is actually happening. It becomes a real experience; it is true.

When you watch it once, you get what we call an imprint. Watch it twice, you get two imprints; fifty times, fifty imprints.

Each time it is to your spiritual self as though it has happened to you in real life. It starts to become part of your truth. You are now learning to believe. Herein lies the opportunity to believe in your Visions.


When you craft your Vision according to Mach2, you will not visualize it as something you want, but rather, as something you already have.

As you learn to believe in your Vision, your conscious mind will chatter away and try to trip you up. This is normal. 

Keep going. You WILL gain the motivation to act and attract your Vision into fruition. Trust in the process … IT DOES WORK.

– Richard –