There's a theory in personal empowerment that I've learned which says "every one of us has a gift that we bring to the world."

Whatever we are pursuing in life, if we can understand and accept what our gifts are and incorporate those into our daily strategies then achieving our desired goals and results becomes much easier.

I encourage you to watch this video, then comment and share what you feel your gifts are. 

Ask yourself, "am I incorporating gifts into my daily strategies?"

    3 Laws of Moving Into Momentum Richard Brooke  


    I Believe In You!



    P.S. Comment below! Tell us what you thought as you read this blog and watched the video. What questions do you have?


    If you're having trouble identifying what your gifts are then you may need help getting clarity on your vision and your personal story. I wrote a book called Mach2 With Your Hair On Fire that I think would be a great resource for you. There's also an online training course called Mach2 Vision Training and anyone who purchases the Mach2 Vision Training online course will also receive a FREE Mach2 book.