25 Days of Expansion

25 Days of Expansion

Business Building Course by Kimmy Brooke


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25 Days To Inspire, Excite, and Engage You Like Never Before.

Now enrolling for March 15th, 2017 start date!

25 days for you to stretch yourself in a way you may not currently be doing.

This is an opportunity for you to lead by example.

So many times we wish our teams would be “doing” things we may not even necessarily be doing ourselves. As we know, the speed of the pack is determined by the pace of the leader.

Kimmy Brooke's 25 Days of Expansion program will help you put into practice the necessary tasks to show our teams you would never ask them to do something you are not willing to do yourself.

This is all about YOU and how you are willing to show up for yourself over the next 25 days.

Nothing is mandatory, you get to decide.

  • How big will you play?
  • How much will you give?
  • How will you show up?
  • How do you keep your word to yourself and to this group?

So, who will be participating?

The 25 Days of Expansion is a generic coaching program and consists of 20 women for different companies. This is an opportunity for all of us to develop a beautiful friendship and partnership with each other.

What's the format?

  • Every day you will have a daily call or zoom with Kimmy Brooke.
  • There will also be a secret Facebook Group where daily challenges will be posted supporting the daily content from the call.
  • Kimmy will share a quick leadership strategy each day on the call and then recommend a daily focus in your business.
  • Generally calls will last 10-15 mins max, however occasionally the calls will be a bit longer to give everyone a quick turn to share.

Here are the things we need from you:

  1. Reserve your spot today for March/April.
  2. You have a 100% money back guarantee when enrolling in this program, if you feel you haven’t received the value you expected.
  3. Please add Kimmy Merrill Brooke as a friend on your Facebook.
  4. Email Kimmy at info@blissbusiness.com and tell her more about your business. (Where you are right now. What your challenges are. What your victories are. The size of your team. What your next rank is and the date you expect to hit that rank.)
  5. Let her know what you would like to get out of these 25 days together.

Your Commitment:

We ask for your commitment here. In order to get the value Kimmy plans to deliver, it’s important that you are on every call. Please let us know if you can commit to this.

* This is NOT an opportunity to recruit anyone from this group into your organization.

One of our visions at Bliss Business is to bring people together within different companies in order to support each other. If we are friends and know each others’ stories, we will not focus on recruiting people from each others companies but rather champion people in their successes and encourage people in their successes where they are. This alone would change the way our profession is viewed from the outside looking in. If you cannot commit to this agreement, this is not the right place for you.

Note: We still have space left, so please share these details with your team members and see if they would like to participate.

We are looking forward to watching you expand!

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