Live in LA

Live in LA

The Four Year Career® Audio CD

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Mastering the art of the invite doesn’t happen overnight. Before discouragement takes hold or you throw in the towel, remember that tools are the absolute best way to get people to take a look at your opportunity.

With this engaging, live audio presentation, your prospecting can become so much easier. It’s the perfect handout to help others “really get” what Network Marketing is all about (or to brush up on this yourself).

In this 57-minute live audio presentation, Richard Brooke shares his story and lays out the mathematics that make a four-year career in Network Marketing the ultimate wealth-building option.

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e promise that the programs in which you may invest from Bliss Business are worth far more than the investment. Our goal is always for you to not only get the knowledge, but more importantly, the inspiration from these programs to get a tenfold return on your investment within 24 months.

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