Listening Through Objections

Listening Through Objections

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Turn the No Into a Yes

Wouldn’t it be great if more prospects were open to hearing your story? If they were honored and interested in what you had to say?

The way to become more interesting to people is by becoming more interested in THEM — and listening!

So few people have truly mastered the art of listening. You can be one of them with Richard Brooke’s Listening Through Objections.

Listening Through Objections by Richard Bliss Brooke is the Tai Chi approach to dealing with people’s questions and concerns. It is void of arguments, and as such, avoids making prospects feel wrong or stupid. Your commitment is to hear, understand and actually feel what the prospect feels before the issue is addressed.

Listening Through Objections means that instead of overcoming objections by defending against them, you eliminate them by being open to them.

You'll be more effective, and they will be more open.

Through this easy-to-listen live course, you will discover:

  • 7 steps to disarming the toughest prospects
  • The powerful mindset that speaks to the dignity of a prospect
  • The ultimate path to getting anyone to just "take a look"

Champion the art of listening and your business will grow.