We Are Bliss

What is Bliss Business?

Bliss Business was founded by Richard and Kimmy Brooke to encourage and train Network Marketers, both sales leaders and companies, to promote authenticity, transparency and ethics in order to shift the perspective of the profession to one of trust, admiration and respect while helping sales leaders build a successful business that lasts.

Who is Bliss Business?

Richard and Kimmy are both bestselling authors, success coaches, keynote speakers, and passionate about helping others.

Together they have over 49 years of combined experience and knowledge of the Network Marketing industry. Richard and Kimmy enjoy traveling the world sharing the dream of residual income and helping others create it for themselves.


To learn more about Richard Bliss Brooke visit his website at RichardBrooke.com.

To learn more about Kimmy Brooke visit her website at KimmyBrooke.com.

Watch this quick video on Bliss Business' commitment to you:

MLM training tools and tips with Kimmy Brooke


  1.   Tell the Truth, Responsibly
  2.   Focus on the Positive
  3.   Honor, Champion and Celebrate Each Other
  4.   Take Personal Responsibility for Our Decisions and Actions
  5.   Embrace Teamwork to Make the Dream Work
  6.   Collaborate with Each Other To Win
  7.   Champion Our Profession and All Companies in it
  8.   Remain Present to Each Other and Our Prospects
  9.   Live as Class Acts
  10. Pursue this Mission with Integrity

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