Best of The Best Heroes with Jenifer Furness

July 5th, 2017

6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern


1875 N. Lakewood Drive, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814

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Network Marketing Best of The Best Hero Call with Jenifer Furness

Get Your Happy On with This Best-Of Hero Call

What kind of vibe are YOU putting out into the world?

When Jenifer Furness, an overworked occupational therapist, became intrigued about Network Marketing through a random Facebook post, she soon found a stranger (Wendy) at her house, sharing her story and showing her “cheesy videos.”

Jenifer says, “I wasn’t even watching the videos. I was just watching Wendy sitting on my living room floor, smiling and HAPPY! I kept thinking, ‘Why am I not happy? If she can do it, SO CAN I!’

Tell your team! In this best-of Hero Call with Jenifer Furness, you'll get a mega dose of inspiration from one of the fastest growing leaders in the profession!

On This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Bringing “happy” to your storytelling
  • How to take control of your calendar
  • Being ON FIRE for your opportunity
  • Helping people catch a vision of hope
  • Leading with a need and focusing on customers

When Jenifer wanted to pursue the biz full time, her husband was skeptical. He told her: “You have 2 months to make this work and then you’re going to get a REAL JOB.”

Jenifer won ;)

Within 6 months, Jenifer’s team went Diamond. She has personally sponsored 15 business partners and has a team of 1,866, generating around $277K in sales each week … and growing!

Don’t miss all the duplicable actions and insights Jenifer will be sharing on this best-of Hero Call.

Tune in Wednesday, July 5th, at 6 pm Pacific.

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