Ontological Coaching is a “Revealing Path to Authenticity”… your authenticity, which is your greatest personal source of power and freedom. It’s considered one of the most effective methodologies for transformation, both personal and organizational. Even though you may know what you want in life, you may not know exactly how to get there. Similarly, you may not always know how to avoid what you don’t want. Sometimes, you may not even know what’s missing. Dealing with this blindness is the job of an Ontological Coach.

Ontological Coaching is Richard and Kimmy Brooke's Finest Art and Greatest Gift to Others

Let Richard and Kimmy be your Ontological Coaches and experience their unique and powerful style of “leading one to their truth.” The art of Richard and Kimmy’s coaching is that it isn’t about advice, opinions, his own experiences or what the right or smart thing is to do. It’s about revealing your true path to help you live an authentic life using the dynamic relationship between the three spheres of human existence: language, emotions and physiology.

Create Profound Results:

What People Are Saying

"OMG! The retreat was definitely so incredible for us and was worth it a million times. No, we are not four-year career extraordinary student examples YET! But we have been working so hard since we got home. I can't believe it was a year ago already. I just can't believe how much crap we have had to clean up in our lives from all the rental properties, my yoga studio, mom's billing for her practice, etc … and we have made so many changes and are doing fantastic together.

I know that the rest will come soon because there is no way that it can't with all the transformation we have been doing. We both feel so different and we think and talk about you guys every day. We are calling mom 'Glimmy' now as her alter ego … a constant what would Kimmy do?

We are forever grateful to you both and we will make you proud I know it!"

– Jennings Waterhouse

"I was so intrigued by a random hero call where Richard interviewed a good friend. After listening to Richard's unique interview style, I realized that I needed to know more! I immediately read "The Four Year Career" and "Mach2" and decided I needed his wisdom of 38 years in our industry to help me broaden my horizons!

As a coaching client, vision workshop attendee, and having attended a Men's retreat with Richard, I can emphatically say that his work is 5 STAR and you owe it to yourself to experience it all!"

– Dr. Ken Kochman

"I just want to hug you! Thank you, thank you, thank you Richard and Kimmy! I am so serious that I could just talk with you forever. Your insight has such depth. Clearly, you have worked on connecting to your higher selves. Thank you for sharing so openly with our group."

–Wendy Braden

"I've taken everything you shared to heart and have read, re-read and read again all of the notes I took from our breakfast. It has made a difference and I'm eager and hungry to continue sharpening and learning.

I want you to know that I've also not forgotten about the homework you assigned me - It's in my journal and I've got some notes and will look forward to sharing that with you."

–Tina Beer

"Richard Brooke is one of the greatest mentors and coaches I've ever had in my life. He has an amazing ability to dig deep and profoundly impact both the immediate and the long term, and has been instrumental in both my personal and professional development."

–Rich Razgaitis

"After being inspired seeing Richard Brooke speak on stage at the Network Marketing Mastermind event and attend his Vision Workshop, I decided to engage in his one on one coaching. This was one of the best decisions of my Network Marketing career.

His powerful and unique coaching style combines, no BS, no judgment along with powerful strategies to grow my team.

Richard is heart centered, compassionate with just the right amount of tough love. He showed me how to have a stronger belief in myself, to be more authentic and vulnerable. This has resulted in both significant personal and professional breakthroughs, that have truly changed my life!

Thank you, Richard and Kimmy for your leadership and unwavering dedication to our profession!"

–Loren Robin

To learn more about Richard and Kimmy’s one-on-one and team coaching, please email info@blissbusiness.com.