Hero Series LIVE Call with Sharon McDonald

March 29th, 2017

6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern


1875 N. Lakewood Drive, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814

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Network Marketing The Four Year Career Hero Series Live Call with Sharon McDonald

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In 2007, Sharon, a former elementary school teacher and busy stay-at-home mom, broke her foot at the worst time possible: when her family was preparing to move back to the United States from Europe.

A friend approached her about a product that she thought could help with her foot. Sharon’s initial response was: “I don’t want your black voodoo magic.”

However, two months later, with surgery fast approaching and Sharon unable to walk, she became open to trying the product. Sharon experienced amazing results and quickly made it a part of her family’s lifestyle.

In the summer of 2010, Sharon’s former roommate invited her to an opportunity meeting. Sharon went out of obligation, but had no intention of building a business. With five kids at home, this busy wife and mom said, “I needed an extra job like I needed a hole in my head.”

It was her husband who challenged her to follow her passion … and so she did, 100 percent!

In her first 90 days, Sharon personally sponsored 45 people. In years 1 and 2, she personally sponsored 30 and 25 people, respectively. In her third year of building, Sharon was diagnosed with breast cancer, and had a lengthy process of breast cancer reconstruction the following year.

Even though cancer slowed her down, the momentum Sharon created early on pulled her through. Now six years in, Sharon has personally enrolled 135 people … in person! She has more than 20,000 customers, 5,425 Active Reps, and 8 leadership legs.

Sharon’s advice to others who want to build a Four Year Career is this: “Many of us go through life at the rate it chooses. To be successful, we can’t allow life to dictate our path – we must dictate our own!”

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