Men's Transformational Retreat

January 15-19, 2017

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Hotel Lanai, 828 Lana‘i Avenue, Lana'i City, HI 96763

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Even the most successful Network Marketers reach a plateau at some point in their careers … have you?

Join Richard Brooke for a Major Breakthrough

Richard Brooke's Transformational Retreat is the spark you've been waiting for.

During this four-day retreat, you'll gain the strategies and leadership tools to break down barriers, shift the behaviors that hold you back, and craft a new “ON FIRE” vision for your life and business.


  • Looking to seriously up your game this year and beyond?
  • Looking to move through old patterns you aren’t even aware you have?
  • Looking for some intense one-on-one coaching from Richard himself?
  • Looking to spend time with other leaders in the profession and create a community of collaboration vs. competition?
  • Looking to change the way people view our profession?
  • Looking for your biggest breakthrough yet?

Then this 4-day Transformational Retreat is for you.

This retreat is not about the fundamentals of Network Marketing (ie - how to invite, follow up, team culture, etc). It is about exploring yourself, how you move in the world, and how that serves you (or doesn't) in your business and your life.

Requirements to attend:

  • Willing to be honest and share with the group
  • Willing to leave your ego at home
  • Willing to invest in yourself

Our promise to you is you will leave this retreat with greater awareness of who you are, how you are perceived, and what you plan to do as a result of your discoveries.

The next available dates are January 15 - 19, 2017, in Lanai, Hawaii.

Dubbed the “Private Island,” Lanai is a quiet oasis with just 29 miles of paved road and not a single spotlight. What you will find is miles upon miles of unspoiled valleys and golden beaches ... the perfect place to relax, rejuvenate your spirit, and transform your life and leadership in a profound way.

Here is where we will be staying:

Registration is $6,000 and includes your room, dining and the retreat itself. This is an intimate retreat for only 11 women. If you are interested in attending, please apply today by sharing your story and why you want to attend.

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The average person who gets coached receives a return on their

investment of 3.44 times.

– ICF Global Coaching Client Study

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