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The MLM Mindset Training Course

The Perfect Course To Help You Master Network Marketing

In the MLM Mindset Course, Network Marketing expert, best-selling author and legendary home business coach, Richard Bliss Brooke, will empower you how to have a breakthrough in your home business and grow a solid and thriving empire.

Richard holds nothing back in order to help you form the right mindset, which is the absolute key to becoming a magnetic home business professional that attracts top quality team members, loyal customers and thousands of dollars in monthly passive income that will allow you to design the lifestyle you want for you and the people you love.

This one-of-a-kind training includes 10 online videos broken down into 3 easy training modules to help you understand how to truly create financial freedom.

What You Can Learn From The MLM Mindset Training Course


- The 7 costly mistakes most inexperienced Network Marketers make that sabotage their possibilities of success.

- The 2 things you must focus most of your energy on if you truly want residual income, abundance, freedom, the ability to travel the world, and to create extraordinary experiences in your life.

- 2 foundational beliefs that create great opportunity for people in Network Marketing that you should think about when you’re frustrated, disoriented or doubtful.


- Richard explains the main differences between Network Marketing and traditional sales, and why it's an invaluable tool to recruit hundreds of distributors.

- A critical action you must be super consistent at to build a solid residual income in your business, and why it’s much easier than you think (by the way, it’s not “presenting” or “closing”).

- Discover the four pieces to the Network Marketing puzzle for success and become one of the top leaders in your company.


- How to effectively answer the “Who do I talk to?”, “What do I say to them?” and “What do I do if they say ‘no’?” questions to help remove the mental blocks keeping you from succeeding.

- Discover the key “mind hack” to overcome the fear of approaching someone or the fear of rejection that painfully clips the wings of so many Network Marketers.

- Discover Richard’s game-changing Secret Formula and how you can apply it to your business to reach the top of your company’s compensation plan.


-Understand why it’s so critical that you drive your prospects to either “yes” or “no.” Nothing can kill your business like the “maybes.”

-Find out why you should listen for the 90% of the population that say “yes” that don’t have the internal fortitude to honor their word.

-Listen to Richard’s transformative story of how he went from chicken chopper to a Network Marketing pro.

-Learn why a “no” today, doesn’t always mean a “no” forever. Many of your prospects will experience life changes that may have them open to your opportunity at a later time.

-10 Downloadable Cheatsheets

-Take Notes

-Organize Your Ideas

-Outline Your Plan of Action

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