Richard Brooke is known by audiences for his unforgettable presentations. Richard, a renowned Network Marketing expert, is passionate about the Network Marketing Industry and the people who are doing it. He pours every ounce of his knowledge, humor and energy into sharing his insights of more than 38 years so that people walk way with not only a better understanding towards their success, but also the bigger picture for their company and industry as a whole.


Richard has given his time to major industry events including:



  • “You may not remember me, but I will not forget you and the gifts you gave me. Thank you for being real and sharing your stories with us at the Mastermind event recently held in Houston, Texas. I watched a video that you did with Eric Worre … he asked you to share your ‘Defining Moment’ with us … just so you understand … ‘YOU’, were my ‘Defining Moment.’ Thank You.”ROBYN MURRAH

  • “Thank you Mr. Brooke and God bless you for sharing your wisdom with all of us at the Recruiting Mastery Pro. It was a privilege listening to you and learning from the best of the best in this wonderful industry.”PAWEL STEPIEN

  • “Your history of MLM talk at the MasterMind 7 Event was awesome!”MARCIE COOK

  • “Thank you so much for sharing your time with us at the NMP event in Las Vegas last weekend. During my duplicated training yesterday I had you open with the introduction from "The Four Year Career." Eye opening for everyone! Cheers”DEBI GRANITE

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