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Hotel Lanai, 828 Lana‘i Avenue, Lana‘i City, HI 96763

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Women's Transformational Retreat Network Marketing MLM Richard Brooke Kimmy Brooke

Even the most successful Network Marketers reach a plateau at some point in their careers … have you?

Join Richard Brooke for a Major Breakthrough

Richard Brooke’s Transformational Retreat is the spark you’ve been waiting for.

During this four-day retreat, you’ll gain the strategies and leadership tools to break down barriers, shift the behaviors that hold you back, and craft a new “ON FIRE” vision for your life and business.

“This week has been amazing. As I opened myself up, I realized Richard has a way of bringing out issues in you that might be stopping your leadership or stopping you from going to that next level that you didn’t even know existed inside of you. That’s what happened to me. I had no idea these things that were so deep down inside of me that were stopping me from getting to that next level, that Richard was able to bring out and work on with me. I'm so grateful that I came.

I see myself going back completely different, completely different mindset. Learning how to communicate with people, not just my team, but my family and people that I meet. Which is going to do huge things not just for my business, but for my life. I am very, very grateful. Definitely, no matter where you are or what level in your company, you NEED to come. Thank you, Richard and Kimmy. I would recommend this experience to everyone who wants to be free, be present and be all they can be!”

Amber Voight Black Level 1 Status Presenter,
Younique, Over 67,000 team members,
Author and Speaker

“I went with zero expectations and really had no idea what I was getting myself into. I didn't know that I would be surrounded by incredible women and two amazing mentors. No amount of money can be placed on the friendships alone and support I gained by spending four days with these people.

My business has grown, I have grown, and I am surrounded by some of the most caring and loving people I know. That is what Richard and Kimmy do.

I have so much gratitude for them and what they have created for all of us. I would not be where I am in my business or my life without them by my side! You can't afford to not go!”

Stephanie Moram Diamond Leader, Young Living,
CEO - Good Girl Gone Green,
Featured in the Wall Street Journal

“Still is to this day the retreat was transformational. After attending the Men’s Retreat my income increased, my leadership capacity has increased, I wrote a book (which has sold 30k copies) and gave a presentation at GoPro to 20k people live. That would not have happened without the retreat.”

Adam Green Royal Crown Diamond,
Young Living Essential Oils,
Built an organization spanning 30 countries ... by the age of 25,
Youngest Top Achiever in 23-Year Company History


  • Looking to seriously up your game this year and beyond?
  • Looking to move through old patterns you aren’t even aware you have?
  • Looking for some intense one-on-one coaching from Richard himself?
  • Looking to spend time with other leaders in the profession and create a community of collaboration vs. competition?
  • Looking to change the way people view our profession?
  • Looking for your biggest breakthrough yet?

Then this 4-day Transformational Retreat is for you.

This retreat is not about the fundamentals of Network Marketing (ie - how to invite, follow up, team culture, etc). It is about exploring yourself, how you move in the world, and how that serves you (or doesn’t) in your business and your life.

Requirements to attend:

  • Willing to be honest and share with the group
  • Willing to leave your ego at home
  • Willing to invest in yourself

Our promise to you is you will leave this retreat with greater awareness of who you are, how you are perceived, and what you plan to do as a result of your discoveries.

Apply today to get on the list for the next Women’s Retreat.

Dubbed the “Private Island,” Lanai is a quiet oasis with just 29 miles of paved road and not a single stoplight. What you will find is miles upon miles of unspoiled valleys and golden beaches … the perfect place to relax, rejuvenate your spirit and transform your life and leadership in a profound way.

Here is where we will be staying:

Registration is $7,500 and includes your room, dining and the retreat itself. This is an intimate retreat for only 10 women. If you are interested in attending, please apply today by sharing your story and why you want to attend.

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The average person who gets coached receives a return on their

investment of 3.44 times.

– ICF Global Coaching Client Study


“I’d heard about the Bliss Transformational Retreat and I had been wanting to come for a while. The reasons I had been wanting to come was I knew I had some internal emotional patterns and limiting beliefs I had struggled with. So I finally decided to come and I’m very glad that I came. I can't even explain to you how valuable this is.

I’ve been here for four and a half days and I can’t wait to implement everything I’ve learned into my marriage and into my goals and my vision for life. I feel like I have a clear vision of what I want to do in the next couple of years so I’m very excited to put everything I’ve learned into action.

I’m so excited for everybody that comes to this retreat. It’s such an investment for yourself even in business and in your personal life. I’m excited to go home and put everything I have learned into action. I encourage you, this is a great retreat and you will not regret coming.”

Vanessa Green Young Living,
Speaker and Trainer

“I would recommend this experience to everyone who wants to be free, be present and be all they can be!”

Jenifer Furness Triple Blue Diamond Executive,

“All I can say is GO!!! When you get the chance to be mentored by people like Richard and Kimmy don’t miss this opportunity! The retreat was life changing for me and I’m still seeing the results and things coming to fruition from it! Trust me, you will not regret it!”

Kimber King Millionaire Mompreneur,
Built a 6 figure business, Part-time

“I was so intrigued by a random hero call where Richard interviewed a good friend. After listening to Richards’ unique interview style, I realized that I needed to know more! I immediately read The Four Year Career® and Mach2 With Your Hair On Fire. As a coaching client, vision workshop attendee, and having attended a Men’s retreat with Richard, I can emphatically say that his work is 5 STAR and you owe it to yourself to experience it all!”

Dr. Ken Kochman Personal Development Coach,
Take Shape for Life

“Richard’s Women’s Transformational retreat was just that ... transformational! It’s hard to know how to have a breakthrough on your own. Richard has a gift of uncovering what I couldn’t see myself. After shining a light on what was keeping ‘my foot nailed to the ground,’ I was able to leave the Retreat with a crystal clear vision of what was possible for me. I’m forever grateful for that powerful, life changing four days!”

Colleen Riddle Platinum National Leader,
Life Matters,
ACE Certified Personal Trainer

“I have been in the Network Marketing profession for 20 years now and I love personal growth endeavors. The retreat was a new level of understanding for me. The experience of being with other women and having Richard and Kimmy guide, facilitate and coach with such an intimate group, was a completely new level of personal growth and connection. Priceless!”

Shauna Ekstrom-Peterson Millionaire and Top Earner,

“It has been an amazing experience to be here on Lanai, Hawaii. To just step away from our crazy lives and have some time to reflect and be peaceful. I think of this retreat as a gift, and the gift slowly starts to unwrap and in the center of the gift is us and we start to unwrap ourselves to find the real us. I cannot stress enough how impactful this retreat has been for me personally and I know if you are ready it will be impactful for you too.”

Rose Goodding Robinson Yoli

“The men’s retreat was insightful to my leadership style, exposing some of my weaknesses and highlighting some of my strengths. Richard’s no-nonsense approach and style is unique; simple, authentic and natural; no tactics, tricks or strategies. It’s really about who you’re ‘being&rsquo. I now have a new, invaluable and more powerful understanding of how I am connecting with others.”

Scott Peterson Isagenix,
Owner – Heartfelt Network Marketing,
Retired Dentist

“I came to this retreat because I had heard about Richard Bliss Brooke and his book The Four Year Career. Before the retreat, I didn't know who I was and I was looking for a way to change. During the retreat, I learned that I had behaviors in my life that were holding me back. I am now more confident about who I am. And I’m really excited to go forward. I recommend this retreat to anyone who is looking to grow in their personal lives and their business.”

Kayla Barnes Young Living

“I decided to come to this retreat because I just knew there was something that was holding me back and I just couldn’t say for sure what it was. I have to say that it was truly life changing for me. It opened my eyes in ways that I would never have expected. It’s something I will use for the rest of my life and I know it will propel me and my business to that next point that I want to achieve. I’ve made live long friends. I highly recommend this retreat to those looking for a breakthrough and wanting to take your life and business to the next level.”

Chris MacDonald Yoli

“I originally found out about the retreat through the Hero Calls that Richard Brooke hosts each month. I’d been really stuck in my business. Not because I didn’t know the business model or the comp plan or how to mobilize people. But I knew that I was the reason that I was stuck. I knew that if I wanted to lead an incredible organization I had to be incredible myself. I knew that I needed to put myself around ultra successful people. So I signed up.

I didn’t know what to expect but I felt safe and empowered because I knew the rules and trusted the process. I love how everybody’s hand was held and that there was an element of mystery and yet clear direction. I can't believe what I walked away with - a breakthrough that I have never experienced before. It has me excited, but not in like “I’m going to nail my business”. It’s “I’m going to nail my life” kind of excited. I know it's going to impact the rest of my life.

From a person who is a fairly newer leader, this was a huge sacrifice for me and my family and I would have paid double. It’s worth every single penny and more. I’m so thankful for this program and for Richard and Kimmy for being full of hospitality and full of wisdom and not overwhelming, they’re safe and kind. If you are thinking about doing this retreat, think no more, just do it. Just jump in. No matter what.”

Leslie Burris Young Living

“I walked into a week long ‘personal development’ retreat with 14 strangers (all top leaders in different companies). To say I was intimidated is an understatement! What happen for me was finding a remarkable support system that I didn't know existed. In a matter of a few days, these beautiful faces and heart-centered people became lifelong friends (Peaceful Warriors) that strengthened me and my belief that anything is possible when you live true to your core values. We are all different in many ways and live in different areas, yet I know I can turn to anyone of them at any time.”

Kelli Rogers Gold Leader, Life Matters,
19-Year Network Marketing Veteran

“I knew inside of me there was something that needs to transform so that I could meet my visions. I heard people talk about how phenomenal it was how it impacted their life and when I saw it was in Lanai, Hawaii I knew I’d be in the right space with the right people to grow and conquer myself.

Prior to coming, I wasn’t sure what that internal thing was I couldn’t find what was holding me back in leadership and life. To say this week was amazing really is an understatement because really the word is transformational. I am still the same Victoria, but I feel empowered and feel like I can go do those things that I am passionate about and I can do it with pride and excitement. This is a must for all and especially my top leaders, friends, and family.”

Victoria Parker Young Living

“Life changing! This one event provided me such clarity in the area of my values and my purpose!”

Wendy Bakke Triple Blue Diamond,

“I heard a sound cloud from our first national VP in our company Richard was the guest speaker and was talking about his perception of network marketing and how we have as a profession have missed the boat of how we genuinely connect with people as opposed to connecting with people with an agenda and I loved it.

So I emailed Richard and Kimmy about the Bliss Business Transformational Retreat and I was able to get in and I was thrilled! In the first night, I experienced getting so much value just from learning how to be present and listening. The ability to be present and to be connected to people on a different level has been transformational. The other thing that has been tremendously powerful for me was to flip the story that I have been telling myself since I was quite small about my value. The ability to interpret the effects of the past from wholeness and wellness is the biggest gift. And the relationships I have made with the other women have been so reassuring and so healing, that we have planned our group retreats out for the next 10 years and planned on staying connected and supportive of each other for the entire time.”

Leina Hoyt Top Skin Care Company

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