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21 Days to Momentum Training

Business Building Course by Richard Brooke


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21 Days To Kick Your Business Into High Gear Like Never Before.

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  • Learn the key moves to make quickly to get you and your tam moving.
  • Create an amazing list of business partners.
  • Craft a powerful personal story.
  • Learn how to approach and invite people Authentically
  • Become a master Vision castor and motivator. 
  • Master the 'Math of the Build' by keeping and analyzing your stats.
  • Quantum goal setting and achieving so you can rank advance quicker than ever.
  • Deep dive into A Bliss Life personal integrity, peace and power program. 

    So, who will be participating?

    The 21 Days to Momentum is a generic coaching program and consists of men and women from different companies (unless it is a company exclusive course). This is an opportunity for all of us to develop a beautiful friendship and partnership with each other.

    What's the format?

    • Richard will host twice a week 60 minute live webinar Zooms.


    Here are the things we need from you:

    1. Reserve your spot today for the next course.
    2. You have a 100% money back guarantee when enrolling in this program, if you feel you haven’t received the value you expected.
    3. Please add Richard Brooke as a friend on your Facebook: Click here
    4. Email Richard at info@blissbusiness.com and tell him more about your business. (Where you are right now. What your challenges are. What your victories are. The size of your team. What your next rank is and the date you expect to hit that rank.)
    5. Let him know what you would like to get out of these 21 days together.

    Your Commitment:

    We ask for your commitment here. In order to get the value Richard plans to deliver, it’s important that you are on every Zoom. Please let us know if you can commit to this.

    * This is NOT an opportunity to recruit anyone from this group into your organization.

    One of our visions at Bliss Business is to bring people together within different companies in order to support each other. If we are friends and know each others’ stories, we will not focus on recruiting people from each others companies but rather champion people in their successes and encourage people in their successes where they are. This alone would change the way our profession is viewed from the outside looking in. If you cannot commit to this agreement, this is not the right place for you.

    Note: We still have space left, so please share these details with your team members and see if they would like to participate.


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