Shaklee Run to Momentum

Shaklee Run to Momentum

Hosted by Richard Bliss Brooke
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Shaklee ... Are You Ready For Momentum?

Jump all in with Richard Brooke as your coach.

This massive motivational experience will help you take your Shaklee business to a new level ... a level where your pipeline of prospects is filled with conversations, possibilities, probabilities, and enrollments. 

The Run to Momentum brought to you by your Presidential Master Builders and will be exclusively focused on those using The Four Year Career® Masters Edition.

Here is what you will be Mastering and Putting into Action:

  • Your Psychology of Recruiting  
  • The Secret Formula and the 90 Day Run
  • Your Best Tool …Your Story
  • How to Hack the MLM Mystery with Stats
  • Coaching, Championing, and Celebrating each other
  • The Authentic Networker’s philosophies
  • Connecting … Who, How and Why
  • Inviting… the ONLY Action that Matters
  • Vision… What it is and What You Want it to Be
  • Goals… How and Why to Master Them
  • If We Succeed in Planning, we Plan to Succeed
  • And Much More!


This is a higher scope of coaching with no design to interfere with any personalized processes you are already using.   


Your Investment: 

NEW Participants $97

  • Exclusive access to special Facebook Group.
  • 13 weekly Run to Momentum training sessions
  • Private access to worksheets and study materials to 3x your business.



Now Enrolling!


Richard Bliss Brooke has been a full-time Network Marketing professional since 1977. He enrolled at the age of 22 and by 28 he had 30,000 people on his team. He owned his own Network Marketing company for 33 years and recently sold it to a billion dollar company. He has served on the Direct Selling Association Board of Directors and it’s Ethics Committee for many years.

He is the author of Mach2: The Art of Vision and Self Motivation as well as The Four Year Career®. And may perhaps be best known for his hysterical on the street interviews as Super MLM Man.

He is the creator of The Authentic Networker; a no-nonsense, no hype, no manipulation, no deception, honest, and ethical approach to introducing people to Network Marketing. What he will coach you to do will change your business forever. 


What Is The Shaklee Run To Momentum 

Over the next 6 months, you'll experience thirteen 90-minute zoom recordings featuring Richard along with some of your top Master Coordinators. That is over 19 hours of original content and coaching specifically tailored to building your Shaklee empire in Network Marketing.

In addition to the trainings, you'll be able to take part in a private, by invitation only Facebook group, where you'll have access to massive amounts of additional training from Richard's "Training Vault." This information is not available to the public and is reserved only for his private coaching clients.   

The Facebook group will also include live Q & A where Richard answers your questions about the training topics. Richard will also be offering inspiration, motivation, and celebration every week in the group as well as on the live training.

Perhaps the most popular aspect is the coaching that Richard provided to volunteers during the lives zooms last summer. Richard personally coached participants through specific situations and taught them how to connect with prospects. They provided Richard with who they were and how they knew them, he guided them in how to approach their prospects authentically.
This Shaklee Run experience features Richard’s unique authentic, ethical and honorable approach to building a business, called The Authentic Networker. No hype, no scripts, no closing, no manipulation, no secrets, no pressuring people.

It is obviously critical that participants play full out. To support you there are no refunds. Make sure you are ready to Run before enrolling.


What Past Training Participants Have To Say: 

"My first thought is it would have been very helpful if we had Richard doing his training to Shaklee a few decades ago. The idea to do one invite a day is very simple, but we never had any training that was that simple and powerful. I would have jumped at that challenge. Prospecting with the book ... “You don’t have to read it all, just read the parts that interest you. If you promise to look it over in the next couple days I will loan it to you.” You can’t be making progress if you aren’t asking people to just take a look. I have so many notes, I’ll just say that it was well worth $300. Richard is probably the best teacher, trainer I have ever heard about this business."

Gary Burke

Master Coordinator


"We have around 40 people in my entire organization enrolled in the 90 Day Run to Momentum program. Richard’s training is in alignment with what we are teaching; the importance of Vision, being authentic, taking action. It is so good to have it from a different voice, an outside voice yet someone who understands the inside of this business. Within just 6 generations we have seen an increase in conversations, connections, confidence, and basic understanding of this business. We are working through what vision really means. And restoring folks faith and belief in themselves. I have seen the proof of need and acceptance of program in how many enrolled and enrolled others on short notice. This is compounded by lack of requests for refunds and pleas to keep the content up for longer."

Laura Evans

Master Coordinator


"Richard is very astute as to the thinking of people in Network Marketing. The 90 Days to Momentum has woken people up to realize that there are great possibilities for building in Network Marketing. Many of the people that have woken up are asking the question “what do we do next now that we have activity started?” This is where Shaklee, Richard and the Shaklee field must support and encourage the concept of vision and leadership. We have been void of leadership for two decades. Wow what an opportunity, thanks for Richards help things are moving in the right direction."

Roland Oosterhouse

Master Coordinator


"I just want to say thank you to the master coordinators who put together the 90 days to momentum training with Richard Bliss. I have never seen a training like this, come from somebody who is not actually in our company but that is both so laser-focused on both the industry and Shaklee. Somebody commented previously that they thought he loves our company more than we do. I’m seriously wondering why he is with the wrong company and how long it is going to take him to come over.... In all sincerity though, the momentum that Chris and I are personally having is amazing. I work Shaklee every single day. We talk about Shaklee in our sleep but we know it so well that we go through the motions. I can honestly tell you that I have not been this intentional about our business in a long time. And I didn’t even realize how Much we were going through the motions. We have three other leaders that have signed up and are loving the training also. We had multiple rank advancements in June. We are so excited about what is the come. It is amazing how just by intentionally putting out there, God has just so taken over our every action. I will also add for anyone who has not seen last night’s recording, that the training is still technically open for people to sign up and we are still working to get a couple more leaders into the training."

Becky Cash

Master Coordinator


"Richard Bliss Brooke thank you, for some reason it sounds more “doable” and I like the idea of having the time to focus on “cleaning up the mess” without also having to keep inviting at the same time. Now I just have to faithfully set aside the ten days!!! Funny how I don’t mind people saying “no” anymore. I know I’m being faithful to the process and doing my part to ask at least one person every day. The main thing is, I want people to respond quickly one way or the other! Thank you for the new edition of The Four Year Career. I don’t think there are enough adjectives to describe how excited I am for this resource! I can see how it will replace what we had been using with Don Failla’s “Own Your Life” and it will build such credibility with the success stories in the back! I’m thankful for a Richard’s simple and understandable explanation of network marketing and the power of geometric progression. This is so key to helping others have the confidence to share this business model with others. Oh how I wish we’d had this in January! I will be ordering a bunch and can’t wait to start sharing them with the team and with every new builder and those who are kicking the tires."

Elaine Wahl Hill



"I signed up a distributor tonight and have 2 that will take a look on Saturday. Thank you for the words “just take a look”. It works like a charm. I anticipate learning so much more and gathering many nuggets from this training!!"

Esther Castro Stock



"This training has caused more fire in me and activity than I have had in the last 23 years. I am having more fun and energy than ever before. Being authentic and having a simple method to truly hear what people are looking for has led to a new level of success. Today I had my first person who took a look using “The Four Year Career” book sign up as a distributor. She totally understood the concept of using the book. She is a very smart, driven, professional woman who owns a Pilates studio, she gets it. Thanks #RICHARDBLISSBROOKS and #CAROLYNWIGHTMAN for suggesting the 90 blitz and this book, Yahoo! and Seeing results! The momentum after 2 weeks was fantastic. By the 3rd week it was crazy and then fell into some form of balance. I have contacted over 120 people, 5 signed up, 2 in one leg are now building. I have 2nd and 3rd levels in this program who are seeing the momentum as well, so we are building in depth. I have reached more people and have more excitement than I have had in years. I am averaging contacting 55 people a week. I am up to 36 so far for this week. All this while having a blast."

Suzie Forma Sunkel



Your Commitment:

It is obviously critical that participants play full out. To support you there are no refunds. Make sure you are ready to RUN before enrolling. All enrolled participants will have exclusive access to all of the coaching materials on Facebook and may not share them with non-members.

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