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Business Building Course by Richard Brooke
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For 70 years hundreds of millions of people around the world have been lied to, manipulated, hyped, pressured, and even shamed into joining a Network Marketing company.  This has created resentment, distrust, confusion and skepticism towards our profession.




The Authentic Networker Workshop was created to help Network Marketers not only learn the skills that are necessary for success in Network Marketing but to learn how to build an "ethical empire" where you build a business based on being genuine, honorable and professional.  Join Richard Brooke for a 3-hour event where you'll learn:


What Past Attendees Have to Say ... 


"Massively Inspiring!"
- Sathya Tripodi
"I have been a network marketing professional for three years. Richard's training has been massively inspiring and instrumental in helping me embrace my role as a distributor fully and proudly and makes me continuously strive to always behave with integrity and respect when approaching prospects. It was valuable in helping me understand how to become the most interesting person to others by switching from a mindset of having an agenda when talking to someone to being authentically curious about them. I was inspired by Richard's energy and level of experience in the industry and I love his sense of humor and relatability. I want to just say thank you for taking the time to share his knowledge and make it interactive for us so that we could put his advice into practice directly. He openly and directly answered everyone's questions and was very personable."
"Great Ambassador for Network Marketing"
- Darlene Weir
"Daniel and I attended this business workshop with Richard Bliss Brooke in Dallas. Such a great time learning how to share business opportunities with people based on what THEY truly want. He is helping to change the way people have negatively looked at Network Marketing over the last 70 years for various reasons. It really comes down to respecting people where they are at, listening to them, and finding out what they truly want and need. Sounds so simple but is profound and boils down to just doing the right thing."
"Ask Richard Hard-Hitting Questions!"
- Dr. Andy Shanti
"I appreciate how you provide practical everyday examples of some technical scientific concepts. Your ability to ask hard-hitting questions in a manner that opens up a conversation and at the same time call out a persons B.S. in a nonjudgmental fashion is fantastic."
"Richard Will Help You Define Your Gifts!"
- Norm Grube
"Richard has a gift of seeing people for who they really are, calling out their gifts, and encouraging them to ditch patterns and beliefs that no longer serve them. Practical tools for tomorrow and the weeks & months ahead. Thank you!"
"Create Something Great!"
- Shannon Lewis
"Anyone that is looking to 'step-up' and create something great and transform themselves would benefit from this workshop."