From Awkward to Awesome

From Awkward to Awesome

Discover how you and your Team can explode in 2017
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How To Recruit Highly Qualified Prospects And Get Your Network Marketing Team To Explode In 2017

In the next few minutes, I’m going to reveal how you can stop the confusion, eliminate the frustration, & finally earn the type of long-lasting residual income you deserve.

From the desk of Richard Bliss Brooke …

Dear fellow Home Business Entrepreneur,

If your Network Marketing business is stuck or it’s not growing fast enough, then you’re in the right place at the right time.

I’m Richard Bliss Brooke.

You may already know that at 22 years old I was flat broke and working for Foster Farms butchering chickens for a few bucks an hour.

Three years after joining the Network Marketing ranks, and initially struggling tremendously, I cracked the code to success and was able to build a team of 30,000 distributors and even get featured on the cover of Success Magazine.

Because of what this amazing profession of ours has given me I am now able to travel the world, train tens of thousands of Network Marketing professionals like you, and create unforgettable experiences that surpass my wildest dreams.

[Lifestyle, public speaking and candid photos of Richard with Kimmy and successful leaders here].

By the way, this is not about bragging or patting myself on the back. I’m simply trying to establish that …

I know what it’s like to struggle and fail miserably in Network Marketing, but I’ve also figured out what it takes to make it big. That’s why I’m so confident that I can help you build a large organization.

3 Big Reasons Why Most Network Marketers Get Stuck, Experience Frustration, and Eventually Quit

It’s painful for me to see how many home business entrepreneurs join our profession with big dreams and high hopes that, unfortunately, never materialize.

I’ve seen it over and over again ... a new recruit joins the business super excited about the opportunity and disappears just a few weeks later after attending a few training calls and getting a few rejections.

What happened?

Here’s what I’ve found are the main reasons this problem persists:

Not having the right training or mentorship to help them develop the right mindset and the skills necessary to succeed in this business.

Not having a simple, duplicatable, and proven system to follow.

Not having effective tools that make prospecting, inviting, closing and recruiting much easier.

I sincerely want you and your downline to succeed, so I’m proud to present a solution for you:

Introducing A Transformational Online Training Course:

How To Become A Network Marketing Master & Build Your Empire

Awkward To Awesome is an online video course that was recorded at a live event exclusively for top Network Marketing leaders.

It consists of three modules each broken down into three videos averaging about 15 minutes.

When you go through the Awkward To Awesome course you will become fearless at inviting people to take a look at your opportunity.

And by default, you will become a master Network Marketer capable of creating massive organizations that will pay you residual income for life.

Here’s What You Will Discover Inside Module 1:

  • The real reason why your prospects get skeptical and hesitant to learn more about your business opportunity (address these issue and watch your recruiting explode).
  • A costly mistake most Network Marketers make when inviting that turns their prospects off before they even have a chance to understand the business.
  • Why some of your prospects who tell you “no” today can be some of your best prospects a year from now (I’ll tell you exactly how to leave the door open for them and never burn bridges like most inexperienced Network Marketers do).
  • A powerful little tool that has helped thousands of Network Marketers in multiple companies recruit more qualified prospects with very little resistance or rejection.
  • The 5 major differences between sales professionals and Network Marketing professionals and how to easily communicate them in a way that attracts high-quality salespeople to join your team.
  • How to clearly explain the concepts of Geometric Progression and the Compound Effect to your prospects in a way that will remove their blindfolds and help them see the opportunities that Network Marketing can offer.
  • The 3 Fundamental concepts you MUST embrace if you EVER want to get out from the rut you might be in. Not understanding these concepts keep well-intentioned Network Marketers stuck in their tracks for years, if not decades!

...and more.

Here’s What You Will Learn Inside Module 2:

  • The secret formula I followed to make tens of millions of dollars in Network Marketing.
  • The secret to becoming a Master at inviting prospects to look at your opportunity. If you follow the steps I outline in this module, you are going to be “10 feet tall and bulletproof” and better than 99% of every other Network Marketer in our profession.
  • The main thing you must do once you’ve built a strong and healthy organization to keep your empire growing beyond your wildest dreams.
  • The real reason why the people that say they want to build a big business actually don’t do it, and the one thing you must teach your team members if you want to turn them into winning action takers.
  • The most effective way to approach the people you know about your business opportunity, products or services without trashing your relationship with them. (Hint: it’s not about using “the perfect script” and it’s not about avoiding their questions after the invitation).
  • A practically bulletproof process to invite people you don’t know.
  • My number one secret to enrolling people with ease is truly understanding what people want, and I’ll tell you what that is in this module.
  • The one thing you must do to instantly become one of the most fascinating people your prospects have ever met. Most Network Marketers don’t do this right, which sabotages their results.
  • The powerful lessons you and your downline can take from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Learn how 7 buddies riding from New England to South Dakota to visit a friend grew their little club into a yearly gathering that today attracts about 600,000 motorcycle enthusiasts from across the U.S. and other parts of the world.
  • The one “mind hack” you can learn and teach your downline to get them to invite just one person a day for a year without getting discouraged by a “no” or a “maybe” (Imagine the explosion in your downline if each of you invited 365 people over the next year!).

...and more.

Here’s What You Will Discover Inside Module 3:

  • The truth about how building wealth in Network Marketing really works.
  • How to craft an incredible product story that’s worth millions.
  • The 4 pieces of the Network Marketing puzzle you must master to become a top earner and make your vision a reality.
  • The 3 simple and easy-to-follow fundamentals for extraordinary success in Network Marketing (once you truly understand and embrace them, you will never look at your business the same way again).
  • Learn the foundational and pivotal questions that define whether or not you, and the people you enroll, will build an empire.
  • The 3 types of recruits you have or will have in your team and the one type that has the power to disappoint and frustrate you the most, and suck the life out of your dreams (if you let them).
  • Why Network Marketing should not be about how much money you make but about the asset you are creating. Plus, learn the formula to help you determine the value of your asset.
  • The best way to determine when your income from your Network Marketing business is truly residual, and that it won’t collapse the moment you stop recruiting.

...and more.

“It breaks down the fundamentals of our business and dives deep into The Four Year Career®. Hearing the training from Richard is so inspiring and motivating, and I’d want everyone on my team to have access to the training 365 days a year.”

Shannon Lewis

“So, What’s The Cost?”

By now, you might be asking how much all this training will “cost.”

I realize this may sound self-serving and cliché but, if you’re like me, you understand that a training like this, one that has the potential to help you earn tens or hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in commissions is not really a “cost” … it’s an investment in yourself, your business and your future.

Plus, it’s a business expense you can write off come Uncle Sam time.

With all honesty and confidence, I can tell you that Awkward To Awesome has a real life value of $497 dollars … easily.

If all it did is help you sponsor 5 to 10 people into your business in the next 12 months, chances are your earned commissions would cover your investment.

So here’s the deal …

Awkward To Awesome will be available to the public for $197 on [DATE]

But if you take advantage of this limited time, special offer, you can get private access to this entire course for only $97!

Order Now & Save $100!

Your payment is safe and secure and your information will be kept strictly confidential.

I truly want to see you succeed in your business and I’d love for you to send us your testimonial, which is why we’re running this very special, limited-time offer so I truly hope you take advantage of it!

“I would make this training available to all in my group because it does several things: builds belief in the profession, helps a rep build belief in themselves, that they can achieve what they set out to do with their Network Marketing business. and it gives the history of Network Marketing, and provides the foundation for a rep to believe in the profession.”

Sean Graham

By purchasing today, you’re also going to get access to these valuable bonuses!:

Special Bonus 1
Get access to nine Awkward To Awesome workbooks and study guides (one for each video) to make it quicker and easier for you to reference the training and review your notes in the future. A real time saver! [A $108.00 Value]

Special Bonus 2
Get access to two additional online video training where I go even deeper into what it really takes to build a Network Marketing Empire in 2017 and beyond. [A $110 Value]

Don't Wait! Order Right Now & Save $100!

“This video series is hands down the best insight and training I have ever seen to build a successful Network Marketing business. It is honest about what it takes and how to make a Network Marketing business residual.

I was amazed how I felt Richard was talking directly to me in the video.

Richard was able to clear up any misunderstandings and misinterpretations of the profession and what it really takes to build a 4-year career. He lays out all the how’s and whys where it makes complete sense.

Richard teaches to build a business without the hype, honoring people, being 100% authentic and translucent.

The value in this series is absolutely priceless to a person who wants to build a Network Marketing business and make it residual at any level. This video will be part of my standard training for entire downline who wants to build.

After watching this series I had a whole level of fire!! Every time I hear Richard’s training I put it into action right away and I go to another level!”

Sean Gipson

To Recap …

Here’s What You Will Be Getting Access To When You Order Awkward To Awesome:

The Awkward To Awesome Core Video Training: 9 videos filled with effective training on the mindset, practical strategies, and techniques to create an explosion in your Network Marketing business in 2017. [A $497 Value]

The Workbooks and Study Guides For Each One Of The Videos: Use these guides as references to always keep this training fresh in your mind and let your notes help you craft a winning plan to crush it in your business. [A $108 Value]

Two Additional Bonus Video Trainings: Let these videos further drive some of the most important lessons in this training to allow you to become a top earner in your company. [A $110 Value]

Order Now & Start 2017 With A Bang!

If you’re still on the fence, my friend, I understand. Just know that I’ve been around this wonderful profession of ours for over 30 years. When I create a course like this, I understand that my reputation is at stake and that means everything to me. I can assure you that ordering now is one of the best decisions you can possibly make to get 2017 started right.

Regardless of what you decide, know that I value and respect you and wish you and your loved ones the best!

Make it happen,

Richard Brooke

P.S. Keep in mind for this week only you can save $100 on the course. We’re practically giving it away and, unfortunately, we can’t keep it that low for long.

P.P.S. Imagine what your life will be like when you advance 5 levels in your compensation plan with just one mindset shift or just one little strategy that you implement in your business because you invested in yourself today. Believe me, $97 dollars (the cost of a weekend movie and dinner for two) is chump change compared to what you can gain in one year from what you’ll learn. Go ahead and order with confidence. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you in the member’s area.

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