Ditch the Pitch & Increase Enrollments Webinar

Ditch the Pitch & Increase your Enrollments webinar

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Wednesday, July 24th @ 6 PM Pacific
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This unique method goes beyond crafting an irresistible invite.

Now that you’ve completed the Summer Series and learned about building momentum year-round, what if we now kick your business up another notch...by enrolling more people than you ever have before?

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  • What if you could present your business in a way that did not create objections?
  • What if your prospect never thought they didn’t have time?
  • What if they never thought they would have to bother their friends?
  • What if they only had thoughts of earning significant income in your business?

    Not available anywhere else...

    You’ll quickly discover it is the most effective way to prospect and enroll busy people—including people who feel they are too important for a new opportunity, people who are highly influential, people who would otherwise say “no”, and anyone you approach.

    I'll teach you how to:

    • Confidently present to prospects in a way which doesn’t create objections
    • Increase your presentations by 50%
    • Convert 50% of your presentations to enrollments

    That’s right, it is possible. Join me for my next special webinar and you’ll be ready to go out and start enrolling within an hour unlike me, who didn’t "get it” for 10 years! 
    Wednesday, July 24 at 6 PM PDT

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