Game Changer 90 Day Boot Camp

Game Changer 90 Day Boot Camp

Hosted by NVP Legacy Leaders
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Are You Ready For A Game Changer?

This 90-day boot camp will help you take your business to a level you never thought possible. Join Richard Brooke and some of your top NVPs for 90 days of growth, development, training, and motivation.

MLM training tools and tips with Richard Brooke

What Is The Game Changer 90-Day Boot Camp?

Over the next 90 days, each Saturday morning for 90 mins you will learn a new distinction to rewire your mind and heart leading you to want to invite people to "Just Take a Look" at your products and opportunity.

Richard will coach participants on a simple and fun process that anyone can follow resulting in a Pipeline full of candidates and a team of new consultants on fire about building their own teams.

Some weeks you will have Richard for the full 90 mins and some weeks one of your top sales leaders will drill down on the video that Richard records for you.


Current Boot Camp Closed

NVPs $600 Total ($200 per month for 3 months)
Consultants $300 Total ($100 per month for 3 months)

Richard Brooke is a 41-year Network Marketing veteran, international keynote speaker, and is the author of The Four Year Career® and Mach 2 The Art of Vision and Self Motivation. He is a highly regarded coach by such leaders as Donna Johnson, Kathy Lutz, Sandra Tillinghast, Donna Weiser Hennes, Tamlyn and Andrew Samuel, Scott Cambell, and the phenomenal Rita Davenport.


Here is what you will be Mastering and putting into Action:

  1. Petter's Vision of a Network Marketing Opportunity
  2. Your Psychology of Recruiting
  3. The Secret Formula and the 90 Day Run
  4. Your best tool … your story
  5. How to Hack the MLM Mystery with Stats
  6. Coaching, Championing and Celebrating each other
  7. The Authentic Networker’s philosophies
  8. Connecting … who, how and why
  9. Inviting … the ONLY Action that matters
  10. Vision … what it is and what you want it to be
  11. Goals … How and Why to Master Them
  12. If we succeed in Planning, we Plan to Succeed


What Leaders Have To Say:

As leaders we are always learning and as entrepreneurs we need to surround ourselves with the best. That’s what I did when I was training as a dancer. I would stand next to the best dancer in class, because it would make me work harder and up my game. I did that until I was the best dancer in the class. That’s what I’ve done with my Network Marketing business, I have been coached by the best in the Top Skin Care Company. I’m now being coached by Richard as well, his knowledge and wisdom is priceless. I love learning from him. I have never felt so empowered about this industry. He keeps everything simple and true, but most of all he keeps it fun. This boot camp is going to be so powerful for you and your business. Do not miss out on this. Everything you learn will be priceless and if you put everything into action, just think of what your business could be like be the end of this year.

Scott Campbell

Executive National Vice President, Top Skin Care Company

Worsley, UK


I've been in Network Marketing for nearly 26 years and one of my favorite quotes is “school’s never out for the pro.” That’s the reason why I have always reached for support and coaching. I always look to my upline and sidelines for support! However, I find so much value when I meet a professional Network Marketing coach who has been in the field, grown a successful Network Marketing business, and understands what I need to be a better leader. That's exactly why I reached out to Richard Brooke this past year! Coaching and accountability is a MUST to be successful in our business, and having Richard guide me sharing his wisdom has been priceless! If anyone is considering jumping into this boot camp, I highly recommend that you do it! I promise you will receive excellent training, coaching, and support from Richard!

Donna Weiser Hennes

Executive National Vice President, Top Skin Care Company

Woodland Hills, CA


Mach2 provided the framework to design and expand our vision, The Four Year Career® helped us understand the simplicity of this income opportunity and changed the dynamic of our conversations with people once they had read the book too, and MLM Mindset defined a roadmap that is so simple for anyone to follow in order to make this type of business work for you. Richard your training, content, and expertise is quite simply phenomenal and delivered so insight and respect of this industry. Thank you!


Andrew & Tamlyn Samuel

National Vice President, Top Skin Care Company

Melbourne, AU


What Past Training Participants Have To Say:

Your Commitment:

It is obviously critical that participants play full out for the entire 90 days. To support you there are no refunds. Make sure you are ready to RUN before enrolling.


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    Customer Reviews

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    ​I have written the script of my product story

    I am on Donna Weiser's team and one of the participants of the 90 day Game Changer Bootcamp. Based on the level of activity I have had this last week - something i have never done consistently in my 10 years in Arbonne, i am excited to see where it takes me. Thank you again for your wisdom and coaching - i am more fired up now than I have been about my business in a very long time. ​

    Loving the training

    Yes ‘to fall in love with the process’ That was huge for me because I realize that I’ve been dreading the asks, the follow ups etc instead of loving it. I was so focused on where I wanted to be and why ain’t I there yet instead of loving the journey. So huge for me. Richard do you have any affirmation recommendations for this.

    Being even more present.

    Network Marketing has definitely made me a better listener AND Richard has given me the ah-ha of stopping the conversation with myself while people are talking. I have enjoyed my conversations so much more AND I am hearing more heart of the person that is sharing with me.

    This boot camp is everything and more that I needed!

    Taking responsibility for "MY business" and the leadership role I have for "MY business". To grow and develop my team. Thank you so much!

    Thank you, thank you, Richard!!!!!

    I am so grateful to be a beneficiary of your years of experience, trials, disappointments, wins, discipline, and vision. We won't be able to quantify the difference you're making for all of us and those we have yet to touch!