LIVE Two-Day Live Your Bliss™ Workshop - Nanaimo, BC

Nanaimo, BC
Day Live Your Bliss™ Workshop

2 Days of Lighting Your Soul on Fire
16 hours away from Living Your Bliss Life!
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Live Your Bliss™ Two-Day Workshop
October 26th & 27th
Saturday, 10 am - 7 pm
Sunday, 9 am - 6 pm

!! We need your commitment to make this event happen !!

Our last Live Your Bliss event was a huge success and we’ve heard from many of the leaders that they want to do it again! 

We need your help and commitment to make this happen:

  • We need 240 pre-registered by September 15th
  • $25 secures your seat, and once we hit the 240 mark, you will be automatically charged the remaining $222. 
  • If we don't reach 240, we'll refund your deposit by September 16th.
If you have already attended a Live Your Bliss Workshop, this one will be unlike anything you've experienced before ... TWO FULL DAYS of Vision and Self-Motivation work. 


Ever feel like you’re stuck in Groundhog Day?

The grind of work, the lack of enthusiasm for your daily must-dos, and the habit of always giving to others while you ignore your own needs.

Dare we say it? It’s time to break the cycle and FIND YOUR BLISS.

Join inspirational coach, 40-year Network Marketing veteran and author of The Four Year Career® and Mach2: The Art of Vision and Self-Motivation, Richard Bliss Brooke for a breakthrough at his highly acclaimed Live Your Bliss Workshop. 

You Can Change More in 2 Days Than You Have Your Whole Life … 

6 Reasons to Attend

  • Craft a new Vision (mindset and expectation) for your life that can set you on a powerful path to success. 
  • Confront your formative years and learn to control your inner child.
  • Identify the theme of your life and discover your authentic values … those things you consider essential to feeling alive.  
  • Breakthrough your perceived limitations, fears and negative self-talk
  • Discover, own and champion your true gifts … they hold an incredible power and make you remarkable.
  • Tap an endless flow of self-motivation as you move effortlessly toward your goals. And … love the process! 

Live Your Bliss is a fun, introspective and true awakening 2-day workshop that brings to life all the principles of Richard’s bestselling personal development book: Mach2 With Your Hair on Fire: The Art of Vision & Self-Motivation. 

Don’t miss it!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It, See What Others Are Saying!

Jilene Hay
Kelowna, BC

What a phenomenal chance to deepen and GROW towards our Vision! "Richard’s coaching is a gift and I am so thrilled for this opportunity to continue to walk forward into our best life!"

Roberto Torres
Dunnellon, FL

Back on Accelerated Success Track “I would have paid thousands to get what I got from Richard’s Live Your Bliss Workshop. I am back on an accelerated success track. I also learned how to model getting rid of paralyzing fears. I heard Richard was the Master of Vision and now I know for myself.”

Shannon Lewis
Tomball, TX

Create Something Great! "Anyone that is looking to 'step-up' and create something great and transform themselves would benefit from this workshop."

Dr. Andy Shanti
Honolulu, HI

Ask Richard Hard-Hitting Questions! "I appreciate how you provide practical everyday examples of some technical scientific concepts. Your ability to ask hard-hitting questions in a manner that opens up a conversation and at the same time call out a persons B.S. in a nonjudgmental fashion is fantastic."

Norm Grube
Kelowna, BC

Richard Will Help You Define Your Gifts! "Richard has a gift of seeing people for who they really are, calling out their gifts, and encouraging them to ditch patterns and beliefs that no longer serve them. Practical tools for tomorrow and the weeks & months ahead. Thank you!"

Megan Georgina Alexis
Westbank, BC

The changes are phenomenal! “The reprogramming of my mind and my thinking is amazing. OCD what? I've reread Mach2 a couple times as well and now I'm in the reread of my Vision daily.”

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