Mach2 Vision Training

Mach2 Vision Training

By Richard Bliss Brooke

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Learn 7 Mind Hacks That Will Help You Cross Stage at Your Next Event ...

Do you give up due to fear of failure or reliving past rejections?

Learn how you can stop negative self-talk, eliminate self-sabotage, and finally create a lasting Vision that propels you toward a better life.

If your business is stuck-in-a-rut and lacking direction, then you’re in the right place.

We all know what it’s like to fail miserably; master what it takes to make it big and change the trajectory of your life.

Richard Bliss Brooke, the best-selling author of Mach2: The Art of Vision and Self-Motivation, has dedicated his life to coaching others transform their lives personally and professionally.

Many people lack clarity and direction when it comes to their goals. They start with high hopes that, unfortunately, never materialize.


Not understanding the 5 keys to Self-Motivation.

Not knowing the difference between goals and visions.

Not identifying one's own core values and gifts.

Not writing a clear, detailed vision and meditating on it daily.

Richard has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal development over the past 40 years and he wants to help you craft a powerful vision that will assist you in achieving your goals.

Introducing My New Step-By-Step 4-Part Online Video Training Course:


This course consists of 4 short episodes that breakdown the key steps to clarifying your vision and ultimately getting what you want in your network marketing business.

When you go through the Mach2 Vision Training Series you will get crystal clear about what YOUR core values truly are.

And by default, you will become a master at achieving your goals. You'll begin to think of yourself as a "goal crusher."

Here’s What You Will Learn:

  • Self-Motivation – How to force your brain into a state that drives you to take action no matter what.
  • 5 Keys to Success – The secret keys that will unlock your deepest burning desires.
  • Mastering Vision – The art of what constitutes a real vision … you want to cross state right? This is a critical aspect of getting there.
  • The Power of Vision – We break down the elements so you can dial-in on what yours will be.
  • The Power of Values – How to figure out what yours really are and alter them if need be.
  • The Power of Gifts – What gifts you may already possess that you've neglected your entire life. Some of these gifts will likely help you reach a full-time income and odds are you've never recognized that you have them.
  • Steering Your Ship – How to replace your current Vision with a better one if need be.
  • Setting Your Compass – Step-by-step instructions to clarify your new vision.
  • Drawing Your Map – How to write a personalized vision.
  • What's Next – What do you do with your Vision?
  • Manifestation – The secret to manifesting your vision.
  • Destiny – How do you take and stay in massive action?

This course has the potential to help you earn hundreds of thousands of dollars or construct a more fulfilling life.

It's an investment in yourself, your business and your future.

Customer Reviews

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I liked the course very much and have reviewed it several times.


I just started the videos today because I wanted to finish the book once through before I started. Cannot wait to make these changes. Wish I would have found this years ago!!!

I'm going to do what you trained me to do.

First I would like to say that I value all the work that you have done for the network marketing community and have followed you for many years. You are an Ambassador to the industry--a very authentic Ambassador I might add. So you have earned my trust and I agree there is nothing more important than trust when it comes to relationships--business and personal. I have listened to your program several times. And now the rest is up to me. My story is simple and now it's time for me to do the work of fulfilling my vision.

Thank You!

I have written my 5 Core Values, framed them and I am looking at them daily, I completed my vision board, and I am owning my Entire Story. Your coaching with us last year brought me to a place of knowing I had to change me to move forward as the person I know I am designed to be. You and Sonja Bomhoffs coaching complements each other. Thank you. I will continue to refer people to you. Ty and I both look forward to a life time of fun with you and Kimmy Merrill Brooke on our Oily adventures.