Mach2 with Your Hair On Fire: Art of Vision & Self

The Art of Vision & Self-Motivation

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Rewrite the Story of Your Life

How many times have you replayed the disappointing or hurtful moments from your life over and over in your head? Has it shaped who you are? Do you believe your own negative self-chatter?

Do you think success is only for the lucky, educated or connected?

Do you long for something you believe you’ll never have?

If there's one book that will shift that for you, this is it.

Mach2: The Art of Vision & Self-Motivation by Richard Bliss Brooke, who went from Chicken Chopper to CEO to Multimillionaire, is for anyone who wants to fall in love with the pursuit of his or her dreams. It can help you rewrite the story of your life – with powerful results.

Richard will coach you through the secret that every successful person shares. Best of all, he'll teach YOU how to think like a successful person and create a Vision – a mindset and expectation – that serves your core values and life purpose.

Break Through to the Real You:

  • Uncover the four greatest lies of success
  • Exercises to help you create your Vision
  • Discover how to act powerfully and attract powerfully
  • Daily ways to make your Vision vivid, clear and powerfully imprinted
  • Step-by-step guide on how to break through your self-imposed limitations and program your subconscious mind to expect success

6 Reasons Mach2 is a Game Changer

Rewrite Your Story
How many times have you replayed certain moments over and over in your head? Has it shaped who you are? With Mach2, you can craft a new and powerful Vision for your life.

Unlock the 8 rules for crafting your new Vision.
(mindset and expectation) … and how to make it powerfully imprinted in your subconscious mind.

Turn on “green lights” in your life.
This is how you’ll get into serious momentum, fall in love with the process and grow like your hair’s on fire.

Decide who you want to become.
Answer questions to identify your authentic values, natural gifts, life purpose, and character traits.

Tap an Endless Flow of Self-Motivation.
Harness the powers of enthusiasm, courage, persistence, physical energy and creativity to propel you naturally and effortlessly toward your goals ... like your hair’s on fire!

Chicken to Champion.
Ditch your negative self-talk. Are you ready to silence all that toxic I-AMing? I am not good enough. I am going to fail. You’ll be writing a new, empowering dialogue.

Why is Vision and Self-Motivation So Important?

Watch as author Richard Bliss Brooke discusses why he wrote this book and how it will take you on a journey to discover independence and success.

Watch this quick 4 minute video!

Customer Reviews

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Most Influential book

His book Mach 2 is one of the most influential books about LIFE.

French Alps Here I Come!

One of our goals is to be in France next year. Using Richard's visualization series and Mach2, I set the intention to have a fluency in French allowing me to read Les Miserable in French while snuggled up in front of a fire in the French Alps. I actually didn't believe my movie would do anything. But here, a year later, I am consistently studying, practicing, finding connections and boldness that are taking me to my goal. I'm really excited that I am conversing with people and seeing such great growth. I know this is not a business goal, but to me this is huge.


Mach2 with Your Hair On Fire: Art of Vision & Self-Motivation


What are your top 5 most influential books??
I get asked a lot the top 5 most influential books that launched my success in a business. Coming from a psychology and therapy background, business was not my forte however I discovered that 80% of your business success is psychology!

My top five foundational books that launched me to be a single successful therapist-preneur are:
1- The Law of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williamson
2- Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
3- The Four Year Career by Richard Bliss Brooke
4- Mach II with Your Hair on Fire by Richard Bliss Brooke
5- The Flip-Flop CEO The Flip Flop CEO

Amazing book!

The Mach2 trainings have been so helpful in both my business and personal life. Thank you so much for this resource!

What People Are Saying

"I highly recommend Richard's book to anyone wanting to master their own motivation and accomplishments."

John Elway NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback

"Richard and Kimmy Brooke are shining examples of the kind of heart, passion, authenticity and integrity that is essential to succeed in Network Marketing."

Sonia Stringer The Women's Business Coach, Author of "The Ultimate Guide For Women In Network Marketing"

"In this economy you have to travel at Mach2. Richard teaches you to do it in an omni-effective, fun way."

Mark Victor Hansen Co-Creator of “Chicken Soup for The Soul”

"… Richard Brooke's information on Vision and Self-Motivation is some of the best you will find anywhere."

Bob Proctor Author of “You Were Born Rich”

"To win in this business, you have to think big and have a passion to change lives. This is who Richard and Kimmy are daily. They will awaken your potential and change your future."

Eric Worre Network Marketing Expert & Best-Selling Author of "Go Pro"

"When I first received the Mach2 what a huge impact it had on my life, both in business and personal. His words are invaluable to me!"

Jackie Ulmer Social Media Coach