Mini Mastermind Coaching

Mini Mastermind Coaching

Mini-Mastermind is for a small, intimate group of 4-5 leaders who will learn to love and trust each other while they pursue quantum leaps in their personal character, beliefs, leadership, and chosen results.
90-minute group coaching Zooms (2 per month)

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Are you in the grueling grind of pursuing your Visions? Do you start and stop? Do you get distracted? Do things that ought to take a month-end up taking you all year … and they are still not done? How about your own coaching ability, your public speaking, your recruiting, and your team leadership … gradual growth? Are you tired of it?

If you are a candidate for one-on-one, you need to represent a large organization in the tens of thousands … or own the company. You need to be able to leverage the coaching ($2500 an hour) to get a 10X return on the investment. That is not most people.

So we created a program for a few inspired souls. Maybe it is a fit for you.

Introducing Mini-Mastermind Coaching

The Mini-Mastermind is for a small, intimate group of 4-5 leaders who will learn to love and trust each other while they pursue quantum leaps in their personal character, beliefs, leadership, and chosen results.

This is a 90-day program where you’ll get:

  • [6] 90-minute group coaching Zooms (2 per month): Each member will get 10–15 minutes of dedicated coaching on Who They Are Being relative to their project. What are your thoughts, stories, beliefs, and fears, and how can you change them? Small group coaching allows one to have breakthroughs from the direct coaching but also vicariously by observing the intimate coaching of the others.
  • Unlimited email as a group and individually for questions, deeper dive on distinctions, and celebrating successes.

You Are a Good Candidate If the Following Is True for You:

  • You represent a legacy Network Marketing company … a company with a proven track record of 7 years or more.
  • You are more committed to breakthroughs than you are to being right, hiding, or playing small.
  • You can be trusted to keep everything you hear in the sessions in the strictest of confidence, like a sacred trust … like family. 
  • You are willing to tell the truth in all coaching conversations.
  • You have something huge you are playing for, that when achieved, will give you a 10-fold return on your investment.
  • You can afford the coaching fee without borrowing or creating dissension in your family.

The investment is $4,500 for 90 days, $1,500 a month (non-refundable). Ask all the questions you want before you commit. 

What Is Ontological Coaching & What Will It Do for You?

Ontological coaching is one of my great passions. It’s diving into the thoughts, feelings, and actions of individuals who are passionate about their goals. It’s shining light where there is darkness. It’s seeing leaders’ breakthrough to quantum leaps of productivity.

As an ontological coach, I ask a lot of questions, the intention of which is to have you see by your own answers a new path to BeingEverything I do is focused on your State of Being.  

I don’t guide you by leading you to jump up and down, yell or scream or hug your neighbor … although all of those things for a moment will change your State of Being. My intent is to permanently change your state, such that when you choose to pursue a goal, you empower yourself to do what is required to achieve it.

I rarely tell you what to do. Knowing what to do is the easy part. You can read a short book or talk to your upline and know what to do. Doing it requires that you get yourself – and keep yourself – in the State of Being that unleashes your power on the Daily Actions required to crush the project.

Coaching Is a Good Investment When 3 Things Are in Play:

The coach is competent. 
The client is coachable … meaning they are more committed to reinvention than they are to being right or gradual.
The client is crystal-clear and powerfully committed to a project, the results of which will give the client a significant return on the coaching investment. For example: If you invest $10,000 in yourself, and the NEW YOU, over time, earns $50,000 more income, then you could say you got a 5-fold return on the coaching investment. You have to be up to something BIG … either in business or personal.

    Hear from Past Coaching Clients: 

    "I've been in Network Marketing for nearly 26 years and one of my favorite quotes is 'school’s never out for the pro.' That's exactly why I reached out to Richard Brooke! Coaching and accountability is a MUST to be successful in our business, and having Richard guide me sharing his wisdom has been priceless! If anyone is considering jumping into this boot camp, I highly recommend that you do it! I promise you will receive excellent training, coaching, and support from Richard!"

    Donna Weiser Hennes
    Executive National Vice President in Arbonne, 26-Year Network Marketing Veteran, Ranked #21 highest income earners in the U.S. 
    Woodland Hills, California

    "I have written my 5 Core Values, framed them and I am looking at them daily. I completed my vision board, and I am owning my Entire Story. Your coaching with us last year brought me to a place of knowing I had to change me to move forward as the person I know I am designed to be. Thank You!"

    Tyrell Roberts
    Young Living
    Roswell, New Mexico

    "After being inspired by seeing Richard Brooke speak on stage at the Network Marketing Mastermind event and attend his Vision Workshop, I decided to engage in his one on one coaching. This was one of the best decisions of my Network Marketing career. His powerful and unique coaching style combines, no BS, no judgment along with powerful strategies to grow my team. Richard is heart-centered, compassionate with just the right amount of tough love. He showed me how to have a stronger belief in myself, to be more authentic and vulnerable. This has resulted in both significant personal and professional breakthroughs, that have truly changed my life!"

    Loren Robin
    Top 1% Earner with Jusuru, Speaker & Mentor
    Newport Beach, California

    "I was so intrigued by a random hero call where Richard interviewed a good friend. After listening to Richard's unique interview style, I realized that I needed to know more! As a coaching client, Vision workshop attendee, and having attended a Men's retreat with Richard, I can emphatically say that his work is 5 STAR and you owe it to yourself to experience it all!"

    Dr. Ken Kochman
    Wellness Coordinator with OPTAVIA™ for 11 years
    Las Vegas, Nevada