MLM Mindset Course

MLM Mindset Course

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Richard's Secret Formula to Building Network Marketing Success

Guess What! We believe in this program so much, we are doing something CRAZY. You can get Richard's secret formula, normally $197, for only $97 if you promise to review this course after you watch it.

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So ask yourself:

What’s been keeping you STUCK in your business?

  • Do you feel too afraid to approach people?
  • Do you avoid inviting people to look at your opportunity?
  • Do you not truly understand how the business model works?

These are big roadblocks to overcome, and knowing where to start can be seriously overwhelming.

Lucky for you, we have a solution that makes it super easy to learn everything you need to be a Master Network Marketer … The MLM Mindset Course.

You can train your mind to think like a top earner and learn Richard Bliss Brooke’s Secret Formula to Network Marketing Success.

It's like having Richard as your own personal coach.

The MLM Mindset Course is a 10-part online video series, broken into 3 easy training modules with cheat sheets to help you on the go.

Richard will give you and your team his proven foundation to supercharge your enrollments and quickly reach the next rank or two.


3 Easy Training Modules

The fundamentals of how and why Network Marketing works, so that you establish a solid foundation for your success

How to quickly build your business with “The Four Year Career®” without being pushy and without wasting your precious time talking to people for whom the timing isn’t right for Network Marketing

The Secret Formula that guarantees huge growth so that you can finally experience the time and financial freedom you want

Access online – anywhere, anytime – and start getting the results you want in your business!

Tremendous Value

“This training is a tremendous value to tens of thousands of current and future Network Marketing professionals. It builds belief in the profession and helps reps build belief in themselves.”

Sean Graham

Passion For Helping You Succeed

It's no secret that Richard Bliss Brooke has a passion for helping you succeed in your business. He's done it, he's made all the mistakes, and he’s broken through the barriers to create wealth and freedom in Network Marketing.

He wants to share with you his secret formula for lasting Network Marketing success.

Here’s What You Will Discover Inside Module 1:

  • It’s Grow Time: 2 reasons the Network Marketing profession is growing … and why it’s not going to stop!
  • Your Story Can Move People: Your story is the best tool to grow your business. Is your current story attracting people or repelling them?
  • Change What Your Prospects See: Uncover the top perceptions people have about Network Marketing, and how to create a shift and leave prospects with a positive first impression.

...and more.

Here’s What You Will Learn Inside Module 2:

  • Conquer the Compounding Confusion: When you understand the business model, and discover how to teach it to others using Richard’s unique method and watch your enrollments will go through the roof.
  • Inviting Every Day Can Make You Millions: Learn one of the key factors of how MLM Millionaires are made. With this key ingredient, even less talented individuals outperform the others 10 to 1.
  • Embrace the Income Opportunity: This is the missing puzzle piece that can take you from “dabbling” to Network Marketing superstar.

...and more.

Here’s What You Will Discover Inside Module 3:

  • The $500 Hypothetical: Are you having trouble with the invite? Richard’s $500 hypothetical will forever help you change that once you embrace it.
  • Connect Naturally with Every Prospect: Learn the secrets of authentic inviting and how to become the most fascinating person your prospects have ever met.
  • Find Our How Much Money Each Invite Is Worth To You: If you want your business to explode, you must understand how much each invite is worth, even those that say “no.”

...and more.


  • Drive People to Either Yes or No: Nothing can kill your business like the “maybes.” Learn how to quickly and naturally lead people to a decision to commit … or not.
  • How to Get People’s Attention and Become Magnetic: Discover the secrets of master networkers, how they think and how they behave that makes them so attractive to others.
  • Get to Know Richard Brooke: Hear Richard’s fascinating story of going from chicken chopper to sought-after success coach, and apply his lessons to help you succeed faster.


Each video includes a free training cheat sheet to help you stay focused and accountable in your daily actions. Use them and refer back to them as you go through the steps. Keep them visible to you throughout the day to remind you to take action.

  • Take detailed notes as you watch the videos and study the material. Pause and rewind the video as needed to keep up.
  • Organize your ideas. Use the cheat sheets to go over the things you've learned and make sure everything is clear.
  • Outline your plan of action so you can clearly see what your individual steps are. Clear action steps will help you stay focused and now overwhelmed.

Ready to Get Your Blueprint for Financial Freedom?

Don’t wait! Every day you wait to start training is residual income slipping right through your fingertips.

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Training for Everyone on Your Team

“It breaks down the fundamentals of our business. Hearing the training from Richard is so inspiring and motivating, and I want everyone on my team to have access to the training 365 days a year.”

Shannon Lewis
Young Living

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Best MLM tool for recruiting builders

If you fail to recruit builders in your business with the foundational understanding of how MLM really works, you’ll soon your wheels until you start rolling backwards. Buy this tool immediately.

Inspired beyond belief

Richards and Kimmy's Talks have inspired me to reach and push through obstacles. The best thing is that I continue to reach levels and goals I used to only dream of! I continue to work, be successful and dream on! I love looking back at how much I have accomplished in the past year! I am so grateful that I have an answer to Richards question? Where do you want to be a year from now? It is a daily process and yes the work is worth it!
Richard Bliss Brooke you rock! Kimmy Merill Brooke you are Beautiful
May you both be Blessed abundantly for all you give to others! With Appreciation, So Thankful and Grateful! Hugs and Prayers Carmel Florizone

This training blew up my business!

Richard provides practical and achievable not so secret secrets to success. This training blew up my business and challenged me to do what I have always been capable of. I strongly recommend this investment. Richard, your mentor ship is invaluable. Thank you.

MLM Mindset Course

AMAZING! I have never learned so much! Thank you!

These are the best training videos out there.

I have gone through all the videos including the bonus ones. I do somewhat regret the amount of money that I have spent on other training videos in the past. These MLM mindset training videos with the cheat sheets are all a person needs. I started last Sunday inviting one to two people a day. Depends on how I know this person will determine which Four Year Career book I lend them.