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Private Edition Duo

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We all have different ways of connecting. We all think differently, connect differently, and have different ways of talking about our business opportunity!

Well, with The Private Edition Duo featuring The Four Year Career® Private Edition and The Four Year Career® for Women, you get the best of both worlds: a personal/journaling-type book for the creative dreamers and a “just the facts” book for the analytical minds.


  • YOU. Are you solid in your belief and understanding of the Network Marketing opportunity? If you have any doubts, this is the book for you.
  • Prospects. The people you are introducing to your Network Marketing opportunity need this. The credibility this piece delivers to your presentation is key to unlocking their YES.
  • Not Right Now-ers. For the people who said no or not right now, this is a compelling piece to follow up with them 6 months down the line as a second look. It may be what they need to tip the scale.

The Four Year Career®

A “just the facts” book for analytical minds

3 Reasons Why You’ll Love This Book:

  • #1. It Creates a Different Kind of Prospect
    When a prospect reads The Four Year Career® … even just scans it … they will listen to a presentation with a level of respect and openness rarely experienced without the book.
  • #2. It Makes Prospecting Easier
    Asking prospects to read a “1-hour book” is easier than asking them to listen to a presentation. People know a video is a sales pitch and they listen with that bias. People hold books as truth and education, and they read them with a neutral bias. Knowing that, it shifts your state of being when talking to a prospect ... you are more confident and powerful. Sell the read vs. your program, and dramatically increase your enrollments.
  • #3. It Helps You Recruit “Recruiters” Onto Your Team
    Recruiting “recruiters” is where exponential growth comes from. If you make the book a part of your culture by having prospects and new distributors onboard with it, you up the number of leaders you attract who also see themselves as recruiters.


How to Use The Four Year Career®

Learn how to use this powerful little book to turn your skeptics into believers.

Follow the clues and get laser-like direction to fuel YOUR success.


Rhoslynne Bugay & Trevor Covelli

Rhos and Trev’s multimillion-dollar, global virtual franchise allows them a life of choice and a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility. They wholeheartedly believe that the Social Marketing profession is the vehicle for anyone wanting to create a life by design.

Valerie Edwards

Valerie was able to replace her income from running a daycare in just four months and achieve a six-figure income just 15 months later!

Dr. Laura Fortner

Dr. Laura Fortner was able to find the time freedom to be with her children through Network Marketing and now has a successful business, while not missing any more of her children’s milestones!

Laura Harry

Laura was able to replace her corporate income in just 11 months and has now helped 17 others receive their very own white Mercedes Benz!

Shea Hirchag

“You only have 18 summers with your kids.” Hearing those words was the Aha moment for Shea, who went from being a busy and burned-out occupational therapist to a Network Marketer living a life of true freedom with her family.

Donna Johnson

Donna has helped over 1,000 leaders on her team receive their very own white Mercedes Benz and with her Network Marketing success, her team and family support seven orphanages globally!

Kathy Lutz

After realizing that success in the corporate world meant more hours to work and less time to enjoy life, Kathy took the leap into Network Marketing. She found the freedom she was looking for while creating an organization that produces over $1 million in monthly sales.

Caroline & Bill McFarlan, and Emma Sangster

When Caroline agreed to take a look at a friend’s Network Marketing opportunity, she had no idea it would change her family’s lives forever!

Shelby Mota

When Shelby worked in sales, she earned six figures, got to travel, and lived in a nice house. Life was good, but she wanted more. She wanted GREAT. Shelby found that in Network Marketing. Today this Executive National Vice President is passionate about inspiring people to go after their best lives.

Iain Pritchard

Always excited by a challenge, Iain said goodbye to his whirlwind days in property development and jumped into Network Marketing. Not letting the “NOs” slow him down, Iain reached the top level in just 22 months and has a team numbering in the tens of thousands.

Tamlyn & Andrew Samuel

When Tamlyn and Andrew realized what they had to offer, they became unstoppable. Today their team is growing in over seven countries across the globe.

Sandra Tillinghast

Working her Network Marketing business 10 hours a week alongside her corporate job, Sandra replaced her income in less than one year. Sandra has built her business in six countries and is among the top 50 income earners in her company.

The Four Year Career® for Women

Sugar, spice and everything nice

Great for making emotional connections! Written by Kimmy Brooke, this fun, heartfelt book will take women on a journey of self-discovery and lead them to answer one life-changing question: Is Network Marketing for me?

  • Quick, fun read allows women to answer questions and explore their lives in a personal, journaling type way.
  • Helps women understand how Network Marketing works ... and why they were born to excel at it!
  • Highlights the sisterhood and bond of women in the profession.
  • Features 8 inspiring success stories of women who have rocked Network Marketing ... includes tips on how you can too.


April Pointer

“We want to make a HUGE difference in the world by leaving a legacy of goodness. My husband and I now give to 26 organizations. This brings us so much JOY!”

Donna Weiser Hennes

“Put on your blinders, stay focused, stop looking to others for validation, and wake up each day knowing you made the perfect choice.”

Dana McGrady

“Be the light for everyone around you and lead by example.”

Phebe Trotman

“By consistently doing that little ‘extra,’ you will create tremendous success.”

Sue Brenchley

“All women have a gift to give the world and it has to start with your circle (your family and friends).”

Eden Slobin

“In an age of earning inequality, there’s no other profession that offers a level playing field for women like Network Marketing.”

Jenifer Furness

“We support World Vision & Compassion International, and we are key sponsors to local charities and missions for children and families in need.”

Jeanie Fountain

“So many kids go to school in our own back yards without socks and underwear! Unacceptable—we will make a difference.”

Customer Reviews

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Love it!

I have already read the 4 year career for women & it is fantastic!!! Thank you!

What People Are Saying

“To win in this business, you have to think big and have a passion to change lives. This is who Kimmy is daily. Her book will awaken your potential and change your future.”


“Jam-packed with compelling facts and stories, The Four Year Career is a no BS, tell-it-like-it-is powerhouse of a book. Read this, and you'll be more confident than ever in the future of your Network Marketing business. Share this with the skeptics in your life, and they'll FINALLY appreciate why you've chosen this profession (and more will be joining you too).”

SONIA STRINGER The Women's Business Coach, Author of "The Ultimate Guide For Women In Network Marketing"

“This book will help you define success on your own terms and achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.”


“Effective, powerful, insightful, authentic, honest, compelling, convincing, motivating are just a few of the adjectives that describe Richard Brooke's book The Four Year Career. His book is a 'gift' with a message of hope, belief, and inspiration, that encourages and elevates others beyond what they ever though possible.”


“You definitely want to devour this book ASAP. Kimmy knows how to make things happen in a major way when it comes to building a team. I meet a lot of people in my line of work as a Network Marketing trainer. Kimmy simply knows how to get it done. Read this now.”


“Residual income is the most exciting aspect in wealth creation. This book teaches you how to build, sustain and enjoy your Network Marketing Money - Making Machine!”

LISA JIMENEZ International Speaker, Best-selling Author & Success Coach