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  1. Either write, read, or video your whole story.
  2. Include everything, but keep any recording to 5 mins
  3. Add-in if you want why you are building an income

Your One Minute Miracle 

"How to craft a compliant and compelling story"


  • Word-of-Mouth marketing is still the most trusted form of marketing on the planet … one story at a time.
  • Your story is your most valuable sales tool, it's your documentary.  
  • Casual adlib leads to non-compliant, boring, and unbelievable messes.
  • Craft a professional, compelling, and compliant story to rise into rarified air.
  • You can have a product story and you can have a business story or you can combine them into one.

4 Steps to Craft a Compelling & Compliant Story

Who were you? What was life like before?

What was the challenge you faced with your health, lifestyle, career, or wealth?

Who entered your life & what did they say about the products& opportunity that compelled you to LOOK?

What is the new path you are on with health, lifestyle, career, and/or wealth? What has changed? What will change?

Step 1


  • Who were you?
  • Where were you?
  • What were you doing before you connected?
History gives context. 

Step 2


  • What was the problem you had?
  • What was the cost to you of not being able to solve this problem with money, time, frustration, and productivity? (Common, because others have it too.)

Step 3


  • Who introduced you and how did you know them?
  • What did they say to you that got your attention?
  • What was it about your “influencer” and their message that had you trust and try the product?

Step 4


  • What were the magical magnificent results?
  • What exactly were the results you experience and in what time frame?
  • How did those results impact your life?

Creative, Concise, and Compliant


Write It Out


  • Choose your words and phrases carefully to paint a crystal clear picture.
  • Wordsmith it like you would a movie.
  • Keep it to 120 - 150 words.
  • Get candid feedback and help if you need it.
  • Revise it until you love it.

Avoid any disease words like "the plague”

  • Pain, Cancer, Autism, Diabetes, Colds, Flu, Headaches, Cramps
  • Financial freedom, retirement, wealth, first-class, mansions, luxury cars, etc.
  • If you can take a drug for it, don’t say it.
  • This is not a casual suggestion.
  • To do so actually violates the law.
  • Don’t be a criminal 

Use Hyperbole

  • Use words sparingly like amazing, remarkable, magical, magnificent, mind-blowing, never before seen, crazy good, and miraculous.
  • Don't use unbelievable unless you want people to not believe you.

Make it Believable

  • Hype and exaggeration are not believable.
  • A factual story sprinkled with some hyperbole is believable and inspiring. 

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