MLM Network Marketing Workshop Dallas, Texas

The Authentic Inviter Workshop in Dallas, Texas

4-Hour Workshop Hosted by Richard Bliss Brooke
Go from WANTING success ... to actually DOING it!
$97.00 Or $149 at the door.
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Where Do You Want to Be 24 Months from Now?


  • Do you want to see the power of duplication at work in your biz?
  • Do you want prospecting to be easy, natural and fun?
  • Do you want to be a force within your team – a leader who attracts, motivates and inspires others?
  • Do you want a CRYSTAL-CLEAR PATH to financial freedom?


This workshop is the catalyst to go from wanting success in Network Marketing to actually doing it!


And ... Richard Will Be Live In Dallas


At this LIVE, 4-hour workshop, Richard will bring all the principles of his bestselling book “The Four Year Career®” to life and help you carve out a clear path to create your own four year career.  


Exclusive Opportunity for Only 300 ... Seats Are Filling Quick!


So ... if you and your team will be in Dallas on Saturday, January 20, get your tickets now. 


5 Reasons to Attend


1. Design Your Four Year Career. What’s your goal in Network Marketing? What monthly dollar amount would change your life? Learn exactly what it is you need to do in the next 24 months to earn residual income for the rest of your life

2. Become a Belief-Builder: Richard will walk you through the four cornerstones of The Four Year Career. This is the key piece in knowing how to build the belief of new team members so they don’t QUIT.

3. Help People "Get It."  Why do people say no to Network Marketing? Because they don't "get it"! By the end of the workshop, you'll be able to confidently show how and why Network Marketing works, and how to clearly position the income as an asset worth 200x the monthly earnings.

4. Get Ready to Role-Play! Richard will teach you how to listen – really listen, even to the words people AREN'T saying – and tap into your natural curiosity. The result of being totally present? You’ll become the most interesting person your prospects have ever met!

5. Q & A Session. With 40 years of Network Marketing experience, Richard has a ton of wisdom to share. What are the questions you're dying to know? How to approach certain people? How to handle objections gracefully? What does the future hold for Network Marketing? This is your chance to ask! 





    Just $97!

    Saturday, January 20th from 10:30am – 2:30pm CST

    Dallas/Addison Marriott Quorum By The Galleria

    14901 Dallas Parkway, Dallas, TX  75254

    * Note: This is a generic, recruitment-free safe zone!


    If You’ve Never Seen Richard on Stage, You’re in for a Real Treat … 


    "Anyone that is looking to 'step-up' and create something great and transform themselves would benefit from this workshop."

    Shannon Lewis, Tomball, TX

    "Practical tools for tomorrow and the weeks & months ahead. Thank you!"

    Norm Grube, Kelowna, BC

    "Richard has a gift of seeing people for who they really are, calling out their giftings, and encouraging them to ditch patterns and beliefs that no longer serve them."

    Crystal Dean, St. Paul, AB

    "I appreciate how you provide practical everyday examples of some technical scientific concepts. Your ability to ask hard-hitting questions in a manner that opens up a conversation and at the same time call out a persons bs in a non-judgemental fashion is fantastic."

    Dr. Andy Shanti, Honolulu, HI


    Get your tickets today and get on the path to financial freedom. 

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    This is a generic, recruitment-free safe zone. Books only for sale, no upsells.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Massively Inspiring

    I have been a network marketing professional for three years. Richard's training has been massively inspiring and instrumental in helping me embrace my role as a distributor fully and proudly and makes me continuously strive to always behave with integrity and respect when approaching prospects. It was valuable in helping me understand how to become the most interesting person to others by switching from a mindset of having an agenda when talking to someone to being authentically curious about them. I was inspired by Richard's energy and level of experience in the industry and I love his sense of humor and relatability. I want to just say thank you for taking the time to share his knowledge and make it interactive for us so that we could put his advice into practice directly. He openly and directly answered everyone's questions and was very personable.

    Crown Diamond on my way to Royal Crown Diamond!

    Thanks so much for your workshop, Richard!!! It was fantastic and is going to help me tremendously, moving forward. Even at Crown Diamond, today made me face the fact that I have become complacent in my recruiting and exposing the opportunity!

    I feel that what I learned today will be a critical piece that leads me and the team to Royal Crown Diamond! You ROCK!!

    Oh, and by the way, I have a lunch date on Wednesday with a new prospect.

    Super MLM Ladies

    My mom, Jane, and I enjoyed meeting and learning from Richard. We love being Super MLM Ladies.

    Great Ambassador for Network Marketing

    Daniel and I attended this business workshop with Richard Bliss Brooke in Dallas. Such a great time learning how to share business opportunities with people based on what THEY truly want. He is helping to change the way people have negatively looked at Network Marketing over the last 70 years for various reasons. It really comes down to respecting people where they are at, listening to them, and finding out what they truly want and need. Sounds so simple but is profound and boils down to just doing the right thing.

    Ask Richard Hard-Hitting Questions!

    I appreciate how you provide practical everyday examples of some technical scientific concepts. Your ability to ask hard-hitting questions in a manner that opens up a conversation and at the same time call out a persons B.S. in a nonjudgemental fashion is fantastic.