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The Four Year Career® Book

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Proven Generic Recruiting & Belief Building Tool

Have you ever gotten any of these reactions from friends, family or prospects when you've invited them to just take a look?

  • Umm, isn't that like a pyramid scheme or something?
  • I had a friend who did that. They didn't make any money.
  • Ugh. I don't want to sell anything. 

What if ... one powerful little book could take those objections and turn the skeptics into believers?

The Four Year Career® by Richard Bliss Brooke is known throughout the Network Marketing community as the best "first look" for prospects ... especially to build the belief of the skeptics. This compelling, generic, non-company specific, easy-to-read book is the single best recruiting tool you can use to open the door and invite prospects to just take a look.

It paints a clear and vivid picture of why and how Network Marketing will align with each person’s unique vision–including your own!

The Four Year Career® will also help you master the art of the invite and build belief in the incredible wealth-building opportunities of Network Marketing.

Prospecting Made Easy

Super-fast Read
Super-fast read with easy-to-understand illustrations of the magic of Asset Income and the power of earning it month after month.

No More Selling
Instead of you having to explain Network Marketing and residual income, the book does it for you.

Debunks Myths
Tackles the top myths of Network Marketing, even the "pyramid” one so that even your biggest skeptics will be open.

Real-life Success Stories
15 of the most inspiring Network Marketing entrepreneurs who are living it to help show what could be possible.

What it Takes
Outlines 3 basic activities to create a powerful four year career and how to put their own future in their own hands ... or not.

Move to Yes
Helps lead prospects to answer the important question ... Is this for me? And naturally opens them to “just take a look” at your opportunity.

“Since creating and using our custom edition of The Four Year Career®, I have gone from having 54 people in leadership ranks to 207. My volume grew 291% and my check increased 260%. I gave myself a 260% raise!”

Melissa Poepping

Traded in long hours owning a daycare for independence and success

This Book is Perfect For

  • YOU. Are you solid in your belief and understanding of the Network Marketing opportunity? If you have any doubts, this is the book for you.
  • Prospects. The people you are introducing to your Network Marketing opportunity need this. The credibility this piece delivers to your presentation is key to unlocking their YES.
  • Not Right Now-ers. For the people who said no or not right now, this is a compelling piece to follow up with them 6 months down the line as a second look. It may be what they need to tip the scale.

Featuring 12 Success Stories from REAL Young Living Leaders

Heather & Wade Doll

Since January 2013, Heather and Wade have grown their organization to well over 8,000 members with a six figure monthly volume.

Jamie & Chelsea Flaman

After using and loving the products, the business naturally followed. Jamie and Chelsea now have a team of over 10,000 members that grows by 500 members per month.

Alyssa Francis

With no college degree and no previous sales experience, Alyssa took her passion for oils and turned it into a thriving organization of more than 90,000 members and growing!

Adam Green

By treating his business like a business, Adam was able to “retire” at age 22. Now, five years later, Adam’s team has more than 35,000 members and exceeds $1,500,000 in sales monthly.

Connie Marie McDanel

As a passionate EntreprenOILer, Connie’s team consists of some of Young Living’s best-trained distributors. They produce over $50 million volume annually and their momentum continues to welcome 5000+ new members each month.

Vicki & Chris Opfer

With a group of over 85,000 active members in over 75 countries and territories, Vicki and Chris Opfer (a mother/son team) enjoy the freedom this lifestyle provides while helping others achieve the same.

Melissa Poepping

Melissa went from broke to building a team of nearly 18,000 members. She also founded Savvy Minerals, which Young Living acquired in 2017 as their new line of mineral makeup!

Debra Raybern

From personal and financial tragedy to more than enough for Debra and her family.

Rob & Alina Rinato

In just 18 months, Rob and Alina replaced their income and reached a six-figure residual income … all before age 30.

Dr. Scott & Brenda Schuler

Scott and Brenda have built an organization of over 56,000 members and are growing by over 4,500 new members each month.

Heidi Ross

This busy mom of 3 completely reinvented her life through Network Marketing. By tapping into local events, Heidi grew a thriving team of over 9,400 members in just under 5 years!

Duane & Jilene Hay

Duane and Jilene are now working full time training, empowering, and supporting their team of more than 13,000 members.

Network Marketing Leader Adam Green Builds it Big with The Four Year Career®

"By using The Four Year Career, my business has grown from 3,000 to 40,000 members. I went from having 400 people join a month to 4,000 per month. My monthly sales has gone from $200,000 to over $2 million."

Adam Green

Resigned from his full-time job at just 22

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Young Living edition

Love giving this to members after they've shown interest in pursuing the business!

Four Year Career

This book is very helpful. Excellent resource! I loved ordering from Bliss Business because it was the least expensive price and allowed me to get 25 copies for my team at a reasonable price.

I LOVE this book.

This was one of the first books I got when I was beginning my journey with Young Living! I read it/highlighted it/ put hearts all over friends experiences/ I shared it with friends etc...

Such a great book!

I’m gonna keep pushing my smart car up the hill, get the Cadillac at the top and then hop in my Ferrari at the downhill crest. Understanding completely that most people do not maintain their motivation to continue. Slow and steady wins the race.

Excellent Resource

The Four Year Career is an excellent resource!